We are Paradise Products Costa Rica. A window for the world to have a sneak pick of what Costa Rica has to offer.

We believe in our products and in the people making them. We know what this country and its people are capable of.  We deliver outstanding quality. And we do that putting love and dedication in every product. Our products are made by entrepreneurs. In some cases families from rural areas in other cases by single person or artist. When you buy something from our store you can brag that that Item exists for you and because of you.

Oh something important!

This are not the typical souvenirs out of the airport store or the beach sidewalk, we do believe that this products are also pieces of art. From the jewelry made with seeds some endemic to our country to the woods use in our sculptures, the taste of our molasses and of course the sense of our coffees. We fill our chests with pride when we say that what we have here, CAN ONLY be made in Costa Rica.



We know we are a small country but we also know we have lots things and  experiences to offer. And that is what we sell behind every product. A chance for you to experience Costa Rica, the smile of our people, the warm of their hearts and the happiness that goes in the making of each and every single of our products.

By purchasing one of our products you are contributing to the economy of a family. And we will pay you back with something impossible to find anywhere else. With each product you purchase you will receive a card with your BRAGGING RIGHTS that will allow you to tell your friends and the world that you are the proud owner of a unique piece, that was made and shipped from Costa Rica. That was made for you, by brave entrepreneurs in this small but beautiful corner of the world.