Young Lyrical singers from Costa Rica appear on Facebook and Trece Costa Rica

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Young Lyrical Singers of Costa Rica ”, is a production that will be broadcast on Facebook Live and Trece Costa Rica Televisión, in which the singers Gabriel Morera Morera, bass; Krysthel Hernández, mezzo-soprano; Gabriel Gudiel, tenor; Elsa Castro, soprano; Stephanie Toruño Casares, soprano and Alejandro Cardona, bass-baritone, accompanied by the pianist Daniel Chacón Navarro.

The public will be able to enjoy these recitals on Sundays, December 13 and 20, at 2:30 pm, on Channel 13 and, virtually, on December 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 and 22, at 8 pm, on the Facebook pages of the National Theater of Costa Rica and the National Music Center. The broadcasts will help in the artistic promotion of these singers who are just beginning their careers.

The production of these recitals is a joint effort of the National Theater of Costa Rica, the National Lyric Company, which belongs to the National Music Center, and Trece Costa Rica Television.

Each singer will perform an opera aria and an art song, of her choice. This short recital is accompanied by a biographical sketch and information on the pieces to be performed.

“With ‘Young lyrical singers of Costa Rica’ participating lyrical singers are promoted nationally and internationally through various social networks and Channel 13. In addition, the dissemination will be made through ‘Here Culture’, program of the Center for Artistic Production and Cultural of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, and of the platform of the Latin American Opera Association, for its Latin American and European dissemination, of which the Compañía Lírica Nacional (CLN) is a member ”, commented Ana Victoria Carboni, director of the CLN.

“The National Theater of Costa Rica (TNCR) is grateful to make this alliance and to empower, through this program, young people who are growing in musical training. It has been a time of many challenges; however, we know that inter-institutional union and joint work offers valuable fruits such as this production in which the lyric accompanies an entire country ”, commented Karina Salguero Moya, director of TNCR.

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