[:en]Today is World book day and so we are posting one of the most beautiful pieces of poetry of Costa Rica. Vuelo Supremo by Julian Marchena. And doing the best work to trying to translate the poem to English for those of you who are able to read and understand Spanish I encourage you to read the works of Julian Marchena.

Vuelo supremo

Quiero vivir la vida aventurera
de los errantes pájaros marinos;
no tener, para ir a otra ribera,
la prosaica visión de los caminos.

Poder volar cuando la tarde muera
entre fugaces lampos ambarinos
y oponer a los raudos torbellinos
el ala fuerte y la mirada fiera.

Huir de todo lo que sea humano;
embriagarme de azul… Ser soberano
de dos inmensidades: mar y cielo,

y cuando sienta el corazón cansado
morir sobre un peñón abandonado
con las alas abiertas para el vuelo.

Supreme Flight

I wish to live the adventurous life
of the errant sea birds;
not to have, to go to another riverside
the prosaic view of the paths

Be able to fly when the dusk dies
among the fleeting amber lightnings
and to oppose against the fast whirlwinds
strong wings and brave gaze

Flee from everything human;
intoxicate myself of blue… And been king
of two immensities; sea and sky.

And when I feel my hearth tired
die above a desert crag
with my wings open to fly.




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