Without funds to pay debt, the government asks for ₵ 20,000 million more in the 2021 Budget for housing bonds

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The Ministry of Finance will ask the Legislative Assembly to incorporate ₵ 20,000 million more in the Ordinary Budget 2021, to invest it in housing for the most vulnerable families in the country.

This was reported by the Minister of Finance, Elián Villegas, at the request of the Minister of Housing and Human Settlements, Irene Campos, who raised the urgent need to seek more resources to provide decent housing to the most vulnerable families and at the same time contribute to reactivate the local economy and the construction sector.

The President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, indicated that “with these resources we will guarantee access to housing bonds for the most vulnerable sectors and we will generate employment in the construction sector. This inclusion of new resources meets the request of the Minister of Housing. I thank the Ministry of Finance for making this great budgetary effort ”, explained the president.

Comunicación enviada por parte del ministro de Hacienda a la ministra de Vivienda y Asentamientos Humanos.

In the communication sent to the Minister of Housing and Human Settlements, the Minister of Finance thanked this entity for the effort made by the sector to support the fiscal consolidation actions that the country requires at this time.

Minister Irene Campos, indicated that thanks to the conversations with the Ministry of Finance, it was possible to restore part of the money for Costa Rican families who want to access the housing voucher.

“We thank the Minister of Finance for reviewing this issue, which is of utmost importance to us as a sector, since the resources are necessary to continue with the delivery of housing for families with fewer resources and for the reactivation of the country,” said the minister. Fields.

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