“With you we can” campaign achieves ₡ 725 million for humanitarian support

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The financial donations campaign “Con Vos Podemos” closed this week with a collection of ₡ 725 million, money that will be used to pay local credits for approximately 9,000 packages of food and cleaning products.

“We are very happy to announce that ₡ 725 million was raised, money necessary to pay the outstanding loans from the CNE that allowed benefiting nearly nine thousand families. This amount is the result of the contribution of the civilian population, companies, cooperatives, banks, mutuals and telephone companies, ”said the First Lady, Claudia Dobles.

The initiative, which was born to facilitate a safe and official channel for collecting financial donations, was coordinated through the Humanitarian Support Table, led by the National Commission for Risk Prevention and Emergency Attention (CNE), the office of the First Lady , the Ministry of the Presidency, the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Liaison with the Private Sector.

Specifically for the “With You We Can” campaign, the inputs were purchased from national farmers, enterprises and businesses in each community, in order to in turn protect the local economy. The identification of families as well as the distribution of donations was channeled through the 90 Municipal Emergency Committees.

“This campaign allowed us to bring aid in a timely manner to those who were in need, through local credits. We are managing more than one hundred thousand newspapers throughout the country. Of these, nine thousand will be paid with the funds raised through this campaign, ”explained CNE President Alexander Solís.

The beneficiary families are vulnerable groups such as older adults, families in extreme poverty, people with disabilities, population that has been affected by their source of income due to contract suspension, dismissal, or the impossibility of exercising economic activities.

Humanitarian support reaches the entire national territory, thanks to the CNE’s coordination with the Municipal Emergency Committees and the support of associations, Public Force, Red Cross, Firefighters of Costa Rica, Rural Development Institute (INDER), Mixed Institute of Social Aid (IMAS), Ministry of Health and the private sector.

The campaign started on April 14 and lasted until Monday, May 18. Donations were collected by all public and private banks, mutual and credit unions, and through codes activated by the Movistar, Claro and Kölbi telephone companies.

“The success of Con Vos Podemos demonstrates that by joining efforts we will succeed. The initiative of the Government of the Republic, the solidarity spirit of Costa Ricans and the willingness of banks to collect funds allowed many families impacted by COVID-19 to receive food aid, “said the president of the Costa Rican Banking Association, Álvaro Saborío. .

For his part, the Manager of the Federation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives, Adrián Rodríguez, pointed out that most of the donations were received through digital platforms. “We managed to get the proceeds in a special condition marked by physical distance and changes in the operation of the branches. We greatly appreciate our associates for their contributions to so many families who need it, ”she said.

The CNE manages more than 107,667 newspapers to bring food to the tables of thousands of people who have been affected by the emergency caused by COVID-19, of which nearly 9,000 were covered by donations received in the “With You We Can” Campaign “

The Humanitarian Support Table will continue working, in coordination with institutions and the private sector, to carry out other initiatives focused on addressing the health emergency in the country.

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