With “Let’s climb as a team”, they will promote specialised sports in each territory.

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Under the premise that each region has geographical characteristics that favour the development of specific sports disciplines, the “Escalemos en Equipo” programme was presented this Friday by the Minister of Sport, Hernán Solano Venegas.

The initiative was unveiled by the governor in Cot de Oreamuno, Cartago, as part of an inspection visit to the site where the Bicentennial High Altitude Sports and Recreational Complex will be built, whose funds of ₵500 million were transferred to the local government.

The programme – created jointly by the office of the Minister of Sport, the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation (ICODER) and national representative bodies – aims to develop a multi-annual plan for the promotion of sport in specific areas of the country.

The hierarch indicated that “Escalemos en Equipo” promotes the practice of sporting disciplines in various geographical areas of the country, “with a focus on homogeneous territorial development and projecting the physical and geographical capacities of the communities, related to a sporting discipline in their competition process”.

He added that an inclusive, territorial and gender-sensitive approach is proposed, encouraging the participation of people according to their skills in sporting disciplines, among which he mentioned athletics, swimming, water sports, basketball, taekwondo and boxing.

“Parallel to the construction of sports infrastructure, our goal is to encourage sport in the territory, as has been requested by the local inhabitants, while at the same time discovering high-performance athletes who will represent their community in national competitions and the country in international competitions,” said the Minister of Sport.

The programme is included in the National Development Plan 2019-2022 and the National Policy on Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity 2020-2030 and seeks to reach more than 4,000 people in one year, establishing actions to promote the practice of sport among young people in rural areas.

Among the disciplines covered by region, the following stand out:

Huetar Atlántico RegionChorotega Region HeightCentral Pacific RegionBrunca RegionCentral RegionNorthern Huetar Region
Sports disciplines consolidated at regional level
AthleticsSwimmingSurfBeach volleyballSwimmingJudo
BaseballFootball (both)BoxingTable tennisFútbol (ambas)Boxeo
VoleibolAtletismoTenis de mesaVoleibolAtletismoTenis de mesa
BalonmanoBoxeoFútbol femeninoBalonmanoBoxeoFútbol femenino
Disciplinas asociadas a capacidades geográficas o de instalaciones deportivas
SurfCiclismoRemoStand up PaddleRaquetballLucha
Voleibol PlayaTriatlónVoleibol de PlayaRemoTenis de MesaBeisbol
RemoTenis Fútbol playaTenisAtletismo
Disciplinas alternativas
RugbyEsgrimaTriatlónRugbyVoleibol de PlayaRugby
LuchaBéisbolAguas abiertasEsgrimaTiro con arcoKarate Do


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