Winning work of the XVI Unpublished Dramaturgy Contest

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The National Theater of Costa Rica communicates that the play “Violeta now breathes with gills”, written by Allan Fabricio Pérez, is the winning play of the XVI Unpublished Dramaturgy Contest.

This decision fell to a jury made up of Bryan Vindas Villareal, named by the National Theater as the winner of the previous year’s contest; William Calvo Feoli, representative of Editorial Costa Rica; Raquel Hernández Castro, from the Association of Independent Professional Theater Groups (AGITEP); Carlos Badilla Madriz, active student chosen by the student population of the theater area of the School of Dramatic Arts of the University of Costa Rica and Sofía Sandoval Navarro, active student of the School of Performing Art of the National University.

The jury stipulated that, “The work shows a complete, generous and coherent differentiated work and with more play to build the staging such as the costumes, the semiotic line, presenting clear images from the concept of guilt; as a poetic point of gravity that finishes unifying the plot and ends binding the characters. It offers a surprise element at the end when the conflict arises, with an aesthetic proposal of the characters, complete and treated with sensitivity ”.

The act also stipulates that due to the epidemiological alert the country is facing and taking into account Executive Decree No. 42221-S regarding temporary administrative measures to attend mass concentration activities, the setting up of scene at the Teatro Vargas Calvo and the publication of the book by Editorial Costa Rica will move to 2021.

“This moment is for me a little oxygen in the midst of the context that the world lives and with it the artists. I am wholeheartedly grateful and certainly very happy that this play was considered the winner of the 2020 National Unpublished Dramaturgy Contest of the National Theater of Costa Rica. This for me is a privilege and an encouragement to continue writing about the national reality that through perceptions and thoughts invades my head.

I thank the National Theater for continuing the contest despite the context caused by the pandemic, as well as the members of the jury who agreed to participate and also continued the process. I hope very soon the situation in the country will improve and this story will reach the stage of the theater. I end by always thanking my family, Luigi, Vivi and Malo teammates for being there. This is an encouragement to continue working from our trenches, the performing arts, by and for the people, ”said Allan Fabricio Pérez, writer of the play.

About the work

The synopsis of the play details how Pablo discovers his little daughter Violeta inside the bathtub, but in her a particular sensation makes this bathroom different; the girl firmly believes to be a fish. Among the water in this story, several silences are hidden, a sea of ​​memories and thoughts that flood Pablo’s head. Julieta, her best friend, will explore her mind; while Ana, a psychologist, in the limbo of thoughts will try to relive some memories.

“When I wrote this piece, I had a very big knot in my chest in the face of a strong wave of continuous news that occurred at the end of 2019 in which various women were victims of violent acts against their bodies and their freedom. This text is a denunciation of this reality that sadly is tiresome and frustrating in the history of the country and continues every day not only here but in the world, “said Pérez.

Alllan Fabricio Pérez is a Bachelor of Dramatic Arts from the University of Costa Rica. Current Bachelor student in the same area and Bachelor of Science in Collective Communication also at the University of Costa Rica. He currently teaches the lighting technology course at the Rodrigo Facio School of Dramatic Arts at the University of Costa Rica. He has experience in theatrical direction, dramaturgy, teaching, acting, stage production and artistic design in lights, objects and graphic design. He has participated in more than 40 professional shows since 2011, performing in the various areas mentioned. Author published by the Tinta en Serie publishing house in 2017. Same year that he managed and directed the Interdisciplinary project of the UCR Faculty of Arts. Winner of the I Children’s Theater Drama Contest of the University Theater 2019, Staging Contest of the University Theater 2019, Concerted Productions with the National Theater Company in 2018 and the I Children’s Unpublished Dramaturgy Contest of the Popular Theater Melico Salazar 2017. He is artistic director de Arte Insomne, an artistic alliance that promotes stage projects, cultural and commercial events with political and social interest.


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