Why do we ask to verify your identity?

At Paradise Products Costa Rica we seek to make the experiences of our customers and service providers as safe as possible. We believe that traveling and visiting Costa Rica should be a pleasant experience, verifying your identity helps us protect you and provide a comfortable stay for both guests and hosts. So you can focus on enjoying your experience.

Before you book an accommodation or experience, or you may become a host, we may ask you for an official identification document or confirm your legal name and country of origin. This helps us avoid fraud, booking errors and work with the authorities if strictly necessary.

When should I verify my identity?

We may ask you to verify your identity if you are renting accommodation, booking a tour for adults, or renting equipment with restrictions such as cars or the like. Only persons over 18 years of age can do so, every minor must be accompanied by an adult and if a minor will take part in the tour the booking must be done by an adult.

To make use of other parts of Paradise Products Costa Rica such as shopping in our store or accessing the Blog you do not need to verify your identity.

How do you do that?

When we ask you to confirm your identity, you must:

  • Add your legal name, date of birth, and your address or country of origin.
  • The photo of a valid ID (driver’s license, passport or national ID). You can cover serial numbers just need the photo of the document.
  • You may be asked to take a new photo to compare with the document.

If your photos or ID don’t match, you may not be able to book. If you think it’s due to an error on our part you can contact us [email protected]

Why do we do it?

Some hosts may ask us to confirm the identity of the guests. We also like to make sure that the person who uses our platforms is really the person who performs the activities. And it helps us all stay safer, reduce the likelihood that honest business will be used for illicit purposes or by undesirables. This also helps keep you safe and achieve a better Costa Rica.


We never share images or personal documents with any host or third party, identity confirmation is made through software or manual reviews by Paradise Products Costa Rica team members. This information never leaves our servers or travels by email. Protecting your personal information is a priority for us.

The Host only has access to your order and the profile picture you choose to place and your name. You can contact him by chat or email. Other information such as the host’s phone numbers is also revealed as soon as bookings are disclosed. Please note that if you contact the host or company that will provide the services by means other than Those of Paradise Products Costa Rica our privacy policy does not protect you.

We never share with anyone:

  • The photo on the ID
  • The photo you took as part of the ID verification (if requested)
  • Your address

We will never ask you to verify your identity through calls, emails, text messages or social media. Verification processes are done within Paradise Products Costa Rica and our forms.

We will also never ask you for information about your credit card or bank accounts, nor will we ask you for any payment for identity identification processes.