Who appears on our 2,000 colones ticket? Ricardo Jimenez Oreamuno.

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On January 4, 1945, at the age of 86 Don Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno died. Shortly before, he ordered that he be buried without official pomp and with absolute simplicity.

He said before dying:

“When my life ends I do not wish honor on my body; I do not want speeches next to my grave, and instead of the notes of the Mourning of the Fatherland, I prefer the rumor of the generous and good land that I have loved and admired so much, falling on my remains, giving me asylum and eternal oblivion. “

Don Ricardo sums up in himself, like none of our public men of before or now, the virtues and limitations of our people, and stands out among politicians for that miraculous intuition that made him the owner and lord of the national public stage for half a century.

He was a typical Costa Rican liberal, he did not want an all-powerful state for his homeland, he fought to maintain public liberties, believed in law and in education, always defended the persecuted and upheld until the end the thesis of a respectful separation between the Church and State. He held the three highest public positions in which the government of the Republic is divided: President of the Constitutional Congress, President of the Supreme Court of Justice, and three times President of the Republic.

His accomplishments are many, among others: he rebuilt the city of Cartago after the 1910 earthquake. He promoted the construction of public buildings, roads, bridges, pipelines and the Puntarenas dock. He created the Banco de Crédito Hipotecario, the National Insurance Bank, the General Post Office, the School of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health. The electrification of the Pacific Railroad was completed.

Benemérito de la Patria since 1942, Ricardo Jiménez is essential in our history. His footprint is deep; his talent and his powerful personality go beyond the paths of time.

Script: Osvaldo Valerín Ramírez.
Taken from the Central Bank of Costa Rica.

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