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[:en]We are very happy to received arms wide open the first product of a fellow blogger  SUPER BLOGGER. Whitney Valverde from the Blog Whitney’s Wonderland with her first designers bag the Proud Bag. For us is like if Whitney was part of our family a long time ago. A brave Costa Rican woman Whitney started her carrier as a luxury and affordable luxury blogger in London England.



Whitney’s Wonderland one of the most read fashion blogs in the United Kingdom. Providing information, news, insights and advises about how to look great without busting the bank. Whitney’s journey to greatness began in 2013 when she started a fashion blog. To share her thoughts on the fashion world. She says than one of her motivations is to help other pettit size women to find fashionable looks.  Since then, her journey, knowledge and impact has grown exponentially.




Regularly featured in fashion magazines as Hola Latinoamerica, Perfil, Very UK and Cosmopolitan. Magazine from which in 2015 Whitney’s Wonderland won “best fashion blog in the UK” priced picked by the readers.


The blog keeps Whitney very busy traveling from one corner of the world to another while reviewing restaurants, products and trends. Whitney is also a fashion designer with studies from the Saint Martins Art School. This 2017 while in Costa Rica Whitney dreamt with a bag. Inmidiatly after waking up. She called her friend and bag designer Toribio and together set to work in what was to become the Proud Bag and the Clutch Proud Bag.

Proud Bag


Proud Bag Clutch










The Proud bag is a collaborative effort. A high fashion object able to share the runways with any other boutique bag in the world. Inspired by our national colours, the traditional “farol” or hand lantern and the school bags of the kids of Costa Rica. The proud bag is made with the finest materials. Paradise Products Costa Rica is happy very happy to have the exclusivity of the bag of which only seven will be made. Hurry up and have yours.


Half of the income of the first bag purchase will be donated to the program “Puertas abiertas” in la Carpio. a difficult situation suburb. The program receives kids who’s parents work long shift hours for the kids not to be alone in their houses.



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