When do face-to-face classes return?

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The Ministry of Public Education (MEP) announced that the student body will return to classes on February 8, 2021, with a combined education model, both face-to-face and distance.

We speak of combined education due to two characteristics: 1- It is developed in two environments: face-to-face and distance 2- It is taught in four pedagogical moments (connection, collaboration, clarification and construction / application) to enhance work periods.

The first two moments are carried out at a distance to strengthen the autonomy of the student person, while the clarification and construction / application are developed in the classroom, with the support of the teacher.


The Return Strategy was developed by an expert interdisciplinary group that began its work in April, to promote the reopening of educational centers in safe conditions for people, adopting the required security measures.

The decision to return is taken in close coordination with the authorities of the Ministry of Health and for the opening of the institutions, general provisions have been defined, both in health and pedagogical matters, for a safe, gradual and monitored return, as planned. from the Return strategy.


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