What will Paradise Products Costa Rica bring this New Year?

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What has Paradise Products Costa Rica brought during 2019?

This year, even if agitated has been very profitable for Paradise Products Costa Rica: we have worked a lot on the field, solidifying offers at the national level and making our brand grow with the aim of turning into the nation brand of Costa Rica. This post is a summary of what has been made during 2019 and it speaks a little bit as well of what awaits us in this exciting 2020.

The Casa del Cacao of Costa Rica

We have acquired half of what is our favorite place in San José: the La Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica , a true oasis of flavor, chocolate and indulgence. It is a new direct responsibility of Paradise Products Costa Rica since January 2019.

After 11 months of constant work and immense help of our staff and clients (many of whom have become friends by now) that have visited and counseled us and experienced what true chocolate is, today the Casa del Cacao de Costa Rica and Chocolates Soleil have harvested the gastronomic and touristic success at the international level.

On top of our typical Costa Rican dishes, fusions with European cuisine, delicious desserts, milkshakes and chocolates, photographs, stories, reports and recommendations of one of the most beautiful places of the capital city, have gone around the world brought by our thousands of clients that have honored us with their company and trust.
Proof of our good work is our first Excellence TripAdvisor Certification and our position in the top 5 of Best Places of San José where to eat dessert.

New guided tours of San José

A new feature of 2019 that will continue in 2020 and for many more years are the guided tours of San José. Together with the best urban agencies of guided tours, San José Free Walking Tour and Carpe Chepe, in 2019 we have assisted thousands of tourists to whom we have shown the history, secrets, places and activities hidden in the capital city.

We have made of the Casa del Cacao and our physical store a vital stop, a place where to charge the batteries and where to book tours, buy Costa Rican products and services of the highest quality.
On top of this, all clients that use the servicies of the associated agencies will receive a voucher that can be used in both the physical and online shop of the Casa del Cacao and of Paradise Products Costa Rica, this way expanding worldwide the possibilities of choosing the best.

First physical store and tourist information point of Paradise Products Costa Rica

We have definitely grown: what began as an ambitious undertaking 4 years ago is a consolidated business with international initiatives today.
This year alone we have taken care of more than 100 orders and sent goods to 8 countries. Our online presence is strong, now a physical store was needed.

2019 brought with it the possibility of this physical store goal. Ever since September we have actively worked in the remodeling of a property that will serve as a tourist information point and physical store of Paradise Products Costa Rica, where we can attend to, programme shipments and tours and book accomodation in Spanish, French and English.
Our physical store is next to the workshop-museum of the Casa del Cacao, on the second floor.

You can visit the store from Monday to Saturday from 9:30am to 6:00pm.

New accomodation, activities, and destinations

During 2019 we decided not to significatively broaden our catalog of products but instead develop a solid growing strategy which would allow us to achieve our mission in the most adequate manner.

Celeste River

Thanks to what we just said, we have deepened our scope and offers in areas such as Katira and Celeste River, widening the quantity of available accomodation, activities and destinations such as tubing, horse riding, labyrinth, day and night hikes and transfers.


During 2019 we did an expedition to the legendary lands of Talamanca, home of alive indigenous cultures. We were invited with the aim of developing the tourist industry of that area and offer a unique immersive experience in virgin territories, only inhabited by true Costa Rican people.
In 2020 we will publish the list of accomodation, tours and activities to be fully experienced in that land.

Secrets while the lawyers are still working

Even if we are dying to tell you about our collaboration with two big hotels, we have to keep the secret until the paperwork is done and the fun can officially begin.

Paradise Products invites

In 2020 we will work with institutions, companies, museums and city councils in order for you to be informed of the events, plays, concerts and other activities of cultural interest happening in Costa Rica.

Paradise Media

In 2020 we will launch Paradise Media, a project which aims to expand the reach of our business to the audiovisual production in areas such as musical composition, recording, videos, short films, digital animation and motion graphics on top of concerts, events and live music.

Special discounts every month of the year

Every month new products or services will have special discounts. This way, we kindly remind you to follow us on social media in order to obtain the best of these discounts.

Megaproject in Europe

The crown jewel and icing on the cake is our best kept secret. Since 2018 we have been working on our most ambitious project until now. The progress made during 2019 has been very positive and we hope to achieve the objective in 2020, bringing the best of Costa Rica to the old continent.

Again, this could not have been possible without the help and trust of our suppliers, artists, artisans, families and clients, in short, all the people that have put their trust in our hands.
To all of you, readers, suppliers, workers, family and clients, thank you very much for your help and trust. This year 2020, which we hope will be the best of Paradise Products Costa Rica, will be dedicated to you all.

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