What to do to Celebrate this International Women’s Day 2020? (Agenda)

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Celebrated by the United Nations since 1975 and proclaimed by the Assembly in 1977, International Women’s Day finds its origins in the manifestations of women who, especially in Europe, claimed at the beginning of the 20th century the right to vote, better conditions of work and gender equality ”(Source United Nations).

Around the world this date is remembered to recall the events that caused many women from different countries, languages, economic situation, ethnicity and race to come together to raise their voices and demand equal conditions for all.

“After World War II, March 8 began to be celebrated in many countries even before being recognized by the UN, in 1977, as International Women’s Day. Finally, in 1975, coinciding with the International Year of Women, the United Nations celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time, on March 8 ”. (Source United Nations)

In order to remember this important date, the different institutions that are part of the Ministry of Culture and Youth have prepared a range of activities of all kinds and for all tastes in order to commemorate all women in their day.

Then the complete agenda:

Parque La Libertad


With activities for all attendees where they can enjoy Zumba classes, card workshops, talks on women’s rights, nutrition, cooperative games for healthy recreation, exhibition, sale of products made by women entrepreneurs, bingo and a dance with The Quiva Sound mobile album, a group directed by women, Parque La Libertad will commemorate International Women’s Day this Thursday, March 5, from 8:30 am, until 12:00 md, with the 2020 Women’s Festival.

During the activity there will be the collaboration of other institutions that will allow them to publicize their services such as; Rights House of the Municipality of Desamparados, RAHAB Foundation, Red Cross Helpless, International Students Association, Association of Young People in Rights and the Dos Pinos Cooperative.

In addition, during the 2020 Women’s Festival, there will be participation of older adult women from groups with whom the Park develops different activities. For more information, call 2276 9400 ext. 2093/2005, or follow us on our Facebook page or the Facebook profile Axis of Community Promotion and Development – Parque La Libertad.

Centro de Producción Artística y Cultural


With a motivational talk with the engineer and physicist Sandra Cauffman, who will share experiences, challenges, limitations, as well as her achievements to become the only Costa Rican woman to work for the National Space Aeronautics Administration (NASA), the Center for Cultural and Artistic Production of the MCJ, commemorates International Women’s Day, this Thursday, March 5, 2 pm, at the Dance Theater, located in the National Center of Culture.

The objective of the activity is to promote an atmosphere of inspiration, learning and creativity, as well as empowerment and emotional well-being towards the role of women in society, through the life story of Cauffman.

NASA highlighted the Costa Rican in 2019, as one of the three women in charge of the agency’s scientific divisions. Cauffman is an exemplary woman, who overcame all kinds of limitations, today she stands out as the deputy director of the Division of Terrestrial Sciences of NASA, a division that coordinates the missions that are sent to space to study our planet, or through satellites .

NOTE: The talk is free, however, the quota is already full.

Centro Cultural e Histórico José Figueres Ferrer


Arabella Salaberry, Paola Valverde and Nidia Marina González Vásquez, will present the winning works of the annual poetry selection EUNED 2019, in coordination with the Huetar Huetar Conversation, this Friday, March 6, at 6 pm, at the José Cultural and Historical Center Figueres Ferrer. The activity is open to the public.

These are titled poetry publications;

  • “Look for me in the word” by Arabella Salaverry, National prize 2019, which proposes a trip to the poetic production of Arabella Salaverry, in a time that can be more than a life or just a moment.
  • “The pigeon trainer” by Paola Valverde: this poems is also the novel in verse that is also the chronicle of a trip without return, a diary, a biography, the fervent approach to the family tree of those who were Musmanno and today are Musmanni
  • “The static of fire” by Nidia Marina González: makes an existential journey that walks on the embers of the word. In these poems, the poet’s skin is torn to show death in living flesh.

Biblioteca Nacional de Costa Rica

The documentary and objects exhibition, framed on the International Women’s Day entitled “Exhibition” Superior College of Young Ladies: bulwark of women’s education in Costa Rica “.

The documentary exhibition will be available until March 30, includes objects on the history and development of the Superior School of Young Ladies such as old photographs, news from newspapers, books, magazines, as well as objects such as the desk, uniform, trophies, notes, instruments used in teaching, among others. There are more than 35 photographs and 30 documents that tell the story of the Colegio de Señoritas as a pioneer institution of secondary education for women in Costa Rica.

“The objective of the exhibition is to recognize the Colegio Superior de Señoritas for its contribution to the country, through the education of women. Also pay tribute to all graduates of this school that have given great contributions to the country in many areas of knowledge. This exhibition is held in collaboration with the Colegio Superior de Señoritas and its Administrative Board and in Commemoration of International Women’s Day, ”said Laura Rodríguez, director of the National Library of Costa Rica, Miguel Obregón Lizano.

The National Library will also have the exhibition “Interlacing Sororious Stories”, which is a collective exhibition of a group of women artists that includes painting, photography, sculpture, art, textile, digital illustration, engraving and drawing. The sample will be available from March 6 to 30, at the National Library, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It will feature artists: Aileen Cubero, Angélica Cabalceta, Ana Acevedo, Evelyn Quesada, Daniela Anchía, Julieta Martínez, Ingrid Burgos, María Antonieta Benavides, María Fernanda Porras, Lorena Castro, Laura Charpentier and Ruth Lee.

“The objective of the exhibition is to commemorate International Women’s Day by paying tribute to all women through messages of sorority expressed by these artists in their works,” Rodríguez said.

Another activity for this International Women’s Day is a recital of women writers entitled “Recital word and point.” During the activity several writers will read their works. “We want to commemorate International Women’s Day by presenting women poets, storytellers, novelists who with their works make a recognition to all women and raise their voices for all those who unfortunately do not have it,” said Rodriguez.

In this recital the writers will participate: Lucía Alfaro, Macarena Barahona, Laura Casasa, Leda García, Marianella Sáenz, Marta Rojas and Marianela Vargas and it will take place this Friday, March 6, at 5 p.m., in the facilities of the National Library.

Banda de Conciertos de San José


With a repertoire with works by national composers such as: Leticia Fonseca Garro, María Luisa Morales Fernández, Ana Isabel Vargas, Dolores Castegnaro and Virginia Mata and international as; Nelly Gómez, Ida Gotokovsky, lluminada Pérez and Silvia Olivero, the San José Concert Band, will give a Women’s Day concert on Sunday, March 8, starting at 1 pm, at the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church, Guadalupe

In addition, there will be the participation of Keilyn Avendaño as soloist in the trumpet with the play “The Great Russian Fantasy” by Jules Levy. This concert will be under the direction of Ana Pamela Goyenaga.

Banda de Conciertos de Guanacaste

Special music for women like “My girl woman”, “Divine women”, “An Old Love”, “It’s the Woman”, “Like who loses a star”, among others, the Guanacaste Concert Band will celebrate women in his day under the direction of the teacher Ronald Estrada, titular director of the Band.

The concert will be held during the closing of the Liberia 2020 Festival, this Sunday, March 8, at 7:30 p.m., on the stage of cultural events in the Liberia Park.

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