[:en]What to do a Sunday in Costa Rica.[:]

[:en]On Sunday 26 we had a birthday to celebrate. And well having a cake and blowing some candles is perfectly fine, living here in Costa Rica, we though that maybe a short road trip, a quick swim and a BBQ could also be an excellent way to spend the day and really, really tico birthday party.

So dear reader from outside or dear insider. Here is a quick recap, some photos, and some prices for you. Cause who knows maybe you will some day land in here with lot’s of emotion but needing a north in your compass.










8:00 am. The picking process begins.
8:20 am. Everybody is in the car, and we hit the road. Starting from Chepe Centro. (Center of San José the capital).
8:35. Tactical stop to buy some stuff. Tortillas, cups, coal, drinks (no beers of course no beers how can you think that??) ( 3. one litter Beers) and a lighter because we forgot to carry one.
8:45 Back on the road, on the music player Sonata Artica.

9:50 By the end of Sonata Artica’s Silence album (that is to say, around 60 minutes) we where arriving to Orotina a Small town in Alajuela.
10:15 After trying to reach the place by memory ignoring Waze generous advises and Google maps passive-aggressive doted lines, we decided to ask for directions. It happened that we took the wrong turn. We ended up in San Mateo de Orotina, a beautiful small town with gorgeous park and a beautiful church.
After asking two locals, I promise there is always and at least 2 of these in EVERY SINGLE PARK AND TOWN in Costa Rica strategically sitting there so you can ask for directions, they gave us the correct direction and 2 other places to go.
10:20ish. After the pack waiting for me because I wanted to take some photos we went headed to place number 2.

10:33 We went a little further ahead because, we were bullying the one who told us that she “knew the route” and ended up in a Look out (photos in the gallery)
10:45ish. Some other photos capture. We head down again to the second place advised (and the closest one to our current location.) Funny thing is that I decided in secret that in the comeback we would stop in the Look out again for the afternoon coffee.
10:55. We arrive right on the spot mentioned and we meet Don Carmelo, we ask him if the knew a place for us to left the car.  He just open his fence and told us to park in his backyard, that we could enter the river by his property and bath, cook and past as much time as we wanted there even do the BBQ if we wanted. Can you Belive it? Thank you very much don Carmelo. Pura Vida!!

11:00 Every body suite up and ready to swim.

1:20 The place next to Don Carmelo’s house got crowded!! 😀
3:00 pm after swimming, eating, joking, relaxing, picking some trash left behind by others and fruitless attempts of fishing with my own hands we packed and head back to the car as the thunders started to announce the incoming rain.

3:15 I share with the guys my wonderful plan of going back to the Look out for a coffee, and they liked the idea.

4:00 Back on the car heading home to San José. Currently playing a mix of James Blunt, some road Songs.

5:20 We were in San José back were we started.


Prices for the trip.

Costs Dollar Euro
Supplies 12.65 11
River 0 0
Gas 16 15
Coffe+sandwich 5 4
Total 33.65 30

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How to get to Orotina


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