What is needed before starting to apply the anti covid treatment19 of Costa Rica?

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Now, follow the most important step: the clinical study to be carried out by the Costa Rican Social Security Fund. This study will conclusively define whether the formulations will be effective in treating patients with COVID-19.

This study will compare the efficacy and clinical safety of the two equine antibody preparations in the context of managing patients with COVID-19.

“Specifically, the capacity of the treatment to help patients eliminate the virus from the tissues will be evaluated, through a quantitative test to be carried out at the Costa Rican Institute of Research and Teaching in Nutrition and Health (Incense) of the Ministry of Health. Also, the response of proinflammatory cytokines in patients receiving the treatment will be evaluated through specialized tests that will be carried out at the Faculty of Microbiology of the UCR, “said Dr. Alape.

Currently, a group of professionals from the CCSS and the UCR School of Medicine are preparing the protocol to be used for the clinical use of the new drug. Said protocol will be presented for evaluation and eventual approval to the CCSS central Scientific Ethics Committee. Once the protocol is approved by the parties, it could be put into practice.

For its part, the ICP-UCR will focus on optimizing the production of the new drug in order to reduce costs and maximize the performance of the process.

According to the CCSS hierarchy, it has been demonstrated once again that Costa Rica can have its highest scientific faculty for the defense of the population against a global threat such as SARS-CoV-2.

Currently, two other major strategies are being developed as part of the care of patients with COVID-19.

The first is convalescent plasma where the plasma donated by an already recovered patient is taken and another patient who is facing the disease is passed to him. The second, together with the UCR Clodomiro Picado, seeks the production of purified antibodies in a standardized way from plasma of patients recovered from COVID-19.

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