What has the “Teatro al Medio día” prepared for us this summer 2020?

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Popular music merges with symphonic music to give life to the show “Bailongo Sinfónico”, which will be presented by the Municipal Symphony of the Desamparados, to kick off the 2020 edition of the “Teatro al Medio Día” program, of the National Theater of Costa Rica (TNCR ).

Under the direction of Esteban Rojas Castillo, this show has a repertoire performed by a symphonic band; In addition, it makes a musical tour that includes the genres of bolero, cumbia, salsa, among others.

“Bailongo Sinfónico”, includes songs such as “Violencia”, by José Barros; “Canoa Ranchá”, by Jairo Varela; “Que alguien me diga”, by Omar Alfanno; “Piel Canela”, by Boby Capó; “Noche ”, by Ricardo Mora and “El Triste”, by Roberto Cantoral; The show will be presented on Tuesday, February 18, at 12:10 p.m., at the TNCR.

“Starting our 2020 season at the National Theater is a fact that, without a doubt, will mark the beginning of new horizons for the Municipal Symphony of the Desamparados. We are proud and proud of the fruits of our work and that we have been chosen to inaugurate ‘Teatro al Medio día’ 2020. I am very pleased to have a work team that can show its potential in the main concert hall of this country, ”said Esteban Rojas, director of the Municipal Symphony of Desamparados. 

For this occasion, the Desamparados Municipal Symphony is presented with the guest group Costa-Habana, a fusion of Costa Rica and Cuba, countries from which its founders originated, which set the goal of bringing the best of music to all audiences.

Programming of “Teatro al Mediodía”. It started in 2009 and since then it has remained one of the favorite options on Tuesdays at noon in San José. The general admission costs ¢ 3,500 colones; students and seniors with a student card, ¢ 2,000 colones. This discount only applies to the theater ticket office. No reservations are made, space is limited and it should be noted that the show starts on time, at 12:10 p.m.

Then the full schedule:

Itinerary – Teatro al Mediodía 2020

• February 18, 2020 Bailongo Symphonic Band of Concerts of Desamparados and Costa Habana Group

• March 10, 2020 XV International Festival of Storytellers Alajuela International Storytellers

• March 17, 2020 Lost City Popular dance show directed by Lilliana Valle

• April 28, 2020 The inheritance of my wings Ana Coralia Fernández oral narration show

• May 5, 2020 Animal Carnival Contemporary Ballet directed by María Amalia Pendones

• May 12, 2020 BaRock Nº2 Costa Rican musical group that combines elements of rock and baroque.

• May 19, 2020 Women in Costa Rican music Concert with the Heredia Concert Band

• May 26, 2020 Legends Folklore Show

• June 30, 2020 Egyptian Nights Cleopatra Ballet directed by Vanessa Ciccio

• July 7, 2020 Vice versa Contemporary dance by María Jiménez

• July 14, 2020 The CCCN Jazz Orchestra Cultural orchestral jazz project

• July 21, 2020 Latin Kaleidoscope Popular dance show directed by Ligia Torijano

• July 28, 2020 Embrujo de amor A concert with the best Latin American music of the old guard

• August 4, 2020 Limón and Kawe Calipso Concert Band calypso music

• August 11, 2020 Urban Milonga Quinteto Libertango

• August 18, 2020 Between copleros we walk Authentic duel of copleros

• August 25, 2020 Zarzuela Exbecados of the Young Singers Foundation M.P

• September 22, 2020 Ensemble of the San José Ballet Festival contemporary

• October 13, 2020 Pianist Children Higher Institute of Arts

• November 10, 2020 Gray Pilgrim Celtic Costa Rican Music

• November 17, 2020 Tribute to the tango Concert Band of San José

• November 24, 2020 SonSax Saxophone Concerts

Source: Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, 2020

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