Wendy Chinchilla achieves her third award as Best Dance Performer

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“For moving and moving the viewer; for the cleanliness of her technique, her expressive and communicative capacity, intense and subtle, and for her creativity as an original and imaginative dancer, who make her a powerful performer with a particular stage presence, ”the jury of the Mireya National Dance Prize Barboza 2019, awarded dancer Wendy Chinchilla Araya with the Best Performer Award for her participation in the “Life” choreography by Pepe Hevia.

This award of Chinchilla, adds to two more recognitions, in this same category, which the interpreter achieved in 2005 and 2018.

Bailarina Wendy Chinchilla, ganadora del Premio Nacional de Danza 2019

“It is an immense happiness; a feeling of joy and satisfaction, because the work is recognized – although one does not do it for recognition – but it comes in addition, when one tries hard, and that is appreciated, ”said the three-time winner, who is also part of the cast of the National Dance Company (CND), artistic program of the Melico Salazar Popular Theater, of the Ministry of Culture and Youth.

Precisely, the choreography “Vida”, for which the 2019 award is awarded to Chinchilla, is a piece of the Cuban-Spanish master, Pepe Hevia, with which the 40 years of intensity, search and delivery were celebrated in 2019 of the CND. In that assembly, the group embodied the art of movement and placed the human body as the best instrument: transmitter and touching.

Chinchilla said that receiving this award represents a great pride for her: “the context of this award is very emotional because it exactly celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the CND, but also because the piece is called ‘Life’, and the choreographer’s work sought to reflect what is dance in life and life in dance; That simultaneity. Dance, life; life, dance; I can’t imagine one thing without the other. ”

Ceremonia de Premios Nacionales 2018, Mayo 2019. Foto CPAC.

The triple winner of the Best Dance Performer Award is graduated from the Conservatory of Castella. He participated for four years in the Program of Applicants of the CND, directed by “Mimí” González. Subsequently, under the direction of Rogelio López, he became part of University Dance, for two years.

Later he traveled to France, where he stayed for three years to study at the National Dance and Choreography Center of Angers, and later, after his return to the country, he managed to link with the National Dance Company of Costa Rica, since 2005; year in which he won the first National Dance Prize for the Best Performer, which he achieved again in 2018, for his choreography “Going”, and repeating again in 2019, with his participation in “Life”.

Sylvia Montero, director of the National Dance Company, said that “Wendy is a constant dancer, who has been climbing in her scenic projection as an interpreter, as a dance technician, and this is a very important recognition. In addition, he is a member of the cast of the CND and is granted recognition for the choreography ‘Vida’, which celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the Company. All this tells us that the CND, in these forty years of experience, has been a space for growth; that we reach maturity as an institution, which goes hand in hand with the maturity of our cast, in this particular case, of the dancer Wendy Chinchilla ”.

Montero added that both the dancers, as well as the technical and administrative team of the CND, feel very happy and proud for the new achievement of the winner, and especially for being part of this national recognition.

As reported by the National Dance Company, the choreographic show “Life”, will have new presentations in 2020, as part of the programming of the National Dance Festival, where an excerpt will be offered; In addition, it will tour various parts of the country on dates that will be announced in due course.


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