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[:en]Welcome! We are Paradise Products Costa Rica and window for and by Costarican entrepreneurs, small business and families to share their products with the world.


It all began with five women from Nandayure Guanacaste a rural area in Costa Rica and their unique brand Belleza Silvestre, hand made jewelry made with wild seeds from the mountains of Guanacaste. The objective of the webpage was to help them to sell their products. Due to the remoteness of their town. They found difficult to expose and sell their products to the rest of the country. And traveling from their town to the the most urban areas prove not to be quite really cost effective. However something was clear tourist love their products. As they said (and sometimes complain), there is no other way to get one of those necklaces  if is not visiting Costa Rica.

Prenda 2 Set

Soon after the website started and due to its fast acceptance we decided to grow and expand to other products. We started looking for entrepreneurs in a similar situation. People, families or small business who produce something unique and pretty much impossible to get anywhere else outside Costa Rica.  Many of those people find difficult to produce and then go and sell their items, not to say lack the time. the money or the knowledge to start their own website and store. The first one to be added was Don Rolando Alvarado. An artist from Sarchí, Alajuela. A Ox-Cart painter who one day decided to paint umbrellas as ox-cart wheels.


From that time on we kept adding people, products and variety to the family of Belleza Silvestre. How ever we needed a more friendly name easier to find in search engines and able to better represent the variety products we have.

So we started thinking What is that people say when the visit this country? What is what we say living here? What is the image Costa Rica has in the rest of the world? And so the name of the brand came naturally.

And so Paradise came to mind.

This small and beautiful strap of land is recognize as a Paradise for both local and visitors. And the numbers back that recognition with only 51.100km2 the 0.003% of the world land surface. Costa Rica has 5% of the world’s biodiversity a variety of weathers and micro weathers. Named several times the happiest country of earth. Costa Rica generates mostly clean, sustainable renewable energy. The population on the poverty margin has drop 40% in recent years, malnutritions and iliteracy are close to 0%. Also costaricans are well know for been warm and welcoming, cherish people. And we create amazing products.

So for us ticos this is our Paradise. We are proud of it and we love it. We know not everyone could visit our country but that should not prevent people of having the taste of our country in their cup of coffee, the soul of our wild life in their jewelry. or the colours of our sunsets in their umbrellas.


Fair Trade

Paradise Products Costa Rica operates based on  Fair Trade principles. We do not charge the producers with commissions nor we rent the space in the website neither do we ask for a stock, many of our products are made when the order arrive. That means when you click “buy” someone, somewhere in Costa Rica starts manufacturing your product with the highest attention to details. With every purchase you are contributing to the economy of a family, a small entrepreneur, an artist, a student, schools and more. Your paymente reaches the producer in 4 to 7 days.  You can get to know better our producers in the About us section.


If you see the brand Paradise Products Costa Rica we guaranty you that is made in Costa Rica and is of international quality.  And it belongs to an entrepreneur, a family or a small business. Every product and service under our brand is backed up  by high standards and for that we’ll give you your bragging rights with it.collage



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