Water treatment plant in Cañas-Bebedero processes up to 156 liters per second

Planta potabilizadora de agua
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The new Cañas-Bebedero water treatment plant, a project of the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) donated by the People’s Republic of China, registers an 80% progress, while in May the assembly of the water catchment will begin in the Sandillal reservoir.

According to projections, the physical works will conclude in September, at which time a 3-month period of testing and training will begin for AyA personnel who will operate it.

For its part, the more than 13.5 kilometers of pipes have already been installed and progress is being made in the construction and equipping of the laboratory that accompanies the plant.

This was confirmed in a technical inspection by the First Lady of the Republic, Claudia Dobles, and the executive president of AyA, Tomás Martínez, held in Sandillal this Friday, March 19.

“The impact of this investment will be enormous both to guarantee the quality of life of thousands of Guanacaste people and to motivate the economic development of the region. We thank the People’s Republic of China for its contribution to the province of Guanacaste ”, said the First Lady and coordinator of the Chorotega Region, Claudia Dobles.

Thanks to the new 126 liters per second water treatment plant, expandable to 156 liters per second, it will be possible to treat the water from the Sandillal reservoir of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), which was carefully studied, which will provide better service to the communities of Cañas, Palmira, San Miguel, Bebedero and Porozal.

The project “Replacement of the Cañas-Bebedero aqueduct” is a donation from the People’s Republic of China estimated at ¢ 9,736 million, built under the supervision of AyA. It is one of the main aqueduct works under construction in Guanacaste, next to the Bagaces aqueduct.

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