We are back online.

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For almost 2 weeks our website experienced various technical difficulties, experiences although less than pleasant are very common in all websites on the planet. The error occurred when we tried to apply substantial improvements to loading speeds aimed at further improving our SEO positioning in relation to the new positioning policies of Search Engines such as Google and Bing. After 4 years of interrupted and smooth operation, several errors that managed to hide from our database debugging after trusting a lousy web developer came back to haunt us once again.

Thanks Bijan

Fortunately, we keep regular backups of our website, which allowed us to recover all the content and work done over these 7 years of bringing the best of Costa Rica to the world. It must be said that this would not have been possible without the help of Bijan Berahimi from the WordPress community of Costa Rica who with his knowledge and expertise contributed invaluable hours of effort to recover our website in a matter of moments. https://www.facebook.com/BijanBerahimiS

The good and what is coming.

The less-than-pleasant experience helped us complete several major enhancements to our servers that are just the beginning of several substantial improvements in both the end-user experience for customers and the independent product creation and branding experience for our vendors. products and services.

Our commitment to our suppliers, our clients and our country is unwavering. We are determined to continue bringing the best of Costa Rica to all parts of the world and to continually work to improve the user experiences and capabilities of our platforms.

We will temporarily stop our booking engine services in order to develop a better product entry experience for our suppliers. We hope these services will be back online next month.

We have done extensive reviews of our website and everything appears to be working in optimal condition, except for a couple of images of products from our store that will be back online tonight. If you find any difficulty on our site you can report it to info@paradiseproductscr.com


Get a Quotation

We work and have contact with several hotel, agencies and tour operators. If you are planning a group travel or your company is looking for incentives and rewards contact us and we will pass as your inquiry to several providers. This service is completely free.