Venado, Isla Chira and Costa de Pajaros will have oyster farms.

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This June, construction began on three farms for the production of oysters located on Isla Venado, Isla Chira and Costa de Pájaros de Puntarenas, as part of the strategy promoted by the government to promote sustainable aquaculture and support to coastal communities.

Its commissioning is scheduled for November 2020, which will generate employment for 24 families who have seen the opportunity to transform and strengthen their fishing activity in a sustainable way.

In each farm, the Mixed Institute of Social Aid (IMAS) invests ¢ 27,350,585, for a total of ¢ 82,051,755. The works are part of the institutional project portfolio, which includes the execution of four farms in 2021 for the benefit of another 31 families.

“The labor revival that we promote in the country seeks to balance the economic, social and environmental results in the lives of families. These farms will contribute to the safety of the product sold by oyster farmers and are part of a strategy for the fight against poverty that must be a bridge to economic reactivation and “blue” jobs linked to the proper use of our water resources, “said the Minister. of Human Development and Social Inclusion and Executive President of IMAS, Juan Luis Bermúdez.

For Freddy Rodríguez, secretary general of the Costa de Pájaros Fishermen’s Union, the start of construction of the farm means another success in the process of transforming fishing activity, highlighting the advice of the National University and the support of IMAS not only with training but also with the economic part. “Today we are very happy because we are starting and we hope that it has the planned success,” he said.

Sonia Medina, president of the Florida Local Fishermen’s Association of Isla Venado, referred to the high expectation that the community has. “This project is the spearhead of us as producers and entrepreneurs and we see it as a development opportunity for our island, since most of us depend on artisanal fishing and a project of these comes to give it a very big boom both in the economic, social and tourist part ”, he stressed.

The families also received technical support from the National Learning Institute (INA) and the Marine Biological Unit of the National University (UNA) of Puntarenas, on the oyster culture procedure and basic administration tools.

The three oyster farms have the technical endorsement, contribution and supervision of the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA) and the Costa Rican Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (INCOPESCA).

“This initiative is part of the Blue Economy projects and is part of the Strategic Plan for Aquaculture in Costa Rica 2019-2023, which encourages the use of sustainable practices and technologies in coastal communities in our country,” explained the Vice Minister of Water from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Haydeé Rodríguez.

The construction of the three farms is possible thanks to the inter-institutional articulation with the Montero Isla Chira Association, the Florida Isla Venado Association, the Costa de Pájaros Fishermen’s Union and other institutions.

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