Vehicle and patents confiscations and more than 2000 calls accusing clandestine events during the pandemic.

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The Minister of Public Security, Government and Police, Michael Soto Rojas, made a call for attention to the citizenship before the different events presented this weekend by people who failed to comply with the sanitary measures issued by the Ministry of Health in order to prevent transmission by COVID-19.

In a press conference, Soto reported that between Saturday and Sunday the authorities seized 37 bicycles during operations carried out on the roads to Cartago, Limón, Alajuela and Route 27, for driving on roads not allowed, while closing 104 commercial establishments – most bars and restaurants – for disrespect for the sanitary measures issued by the government authorities.

The secretary added that 2,067 calls for private parties that were denounced were answered, recalling that those who carry out these activities are exposed to judicial processes for breaching the prevention guidelines by COVID-19. “At the moment the organization of this type of meetings is not allowed,” he emphasized.

He announced that in Alajuela, Public Force officers apprehended six young men who entered a Skate Park for violating the police prevention tape around that area. The minors were transferred to the Juvenile Criminal Court and the three older ones to the Alajuela Prosecutor’s Office.

In the case of rivers, where he also intervened for walks organized by groups of people, Minister Soto warned that the rainy season has already begun and that they can be dangerous. “Precisely this weekend the Red Cross and the Fire Department treated a group of people who were isolated by a current in Pejibaye de Cartago,” he said.

The hierarch warned that if these events continue to be presented, stricter measures will be taken by the different police officers with the aim of protecting citizens. “For the irresponsible few, we are not going to allow the lives of others to be at risk as a result of this pandemic that is killing many people abroad,” said Soto.

Finally, he emphasized that the various police forces will be under constant surveillance to ensure that people comply fully and respect the provisions of the Ministry of Health. “The pandemic is not over, we call for good sense so that, in a responsible manner, we abide by the guidelines that have been established,” he said, while reaffirming the commitment to maintain strict monitoring to guarantee compliance with orders. ” .

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