United States studies banning the arrival of flights from Latin America

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While the situation in Latin America deteriorates due to Covid19, countries such as Brazil, Peru and Nicaragua are particularly worrying. The Trump administration says it is studying a veto on the arrival of flights from these countries, the reason given is to protect and prevent the spread of American citizens.

Similar measures have already been taken against China and Europe due to virus outbreaks that have cost the lives of thousands of people and forced widespread border closures as well as flight and arrival impediments.

“I don’t want people to come here and infect our people. I also don’t want sick people there. We are helping Brazil with fans. We are sending fans to them,” Trump told reporters during a cabinet meeting at the White House.

To date, the United States is by far the country with the highest number of people infected and killed by the virus, but it is also struggling to revive its economy that will require the reopening of commercial flights. Well, the airlines and tourism sector are especially hard hit and hundreds of thousands of jobs are generated by these companies every year.

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