“Unica” will be at the Teatro la Aduana from November 14th.

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The Teatro La Aduana Alberto Cañas Escalante will premiere next Thursday a play that is based on the novel Única mirando al mar, written by Costa Rican Fernando Castro Contreras. It is produced by the Compañía Nacional de Teatro (CNT), directed by Jaime Hernández.

As reported by the CNT, the Unica Looking at the Sea is a tragedy in its essence. The protagonist has no choice but to face her destiny and fight against the whole system that has abandoned her; her, her son, her husband. That system is very powerful, we know that, as she knows it. It’s been slowly suffocating her for decades, and suddenly that system decides it won’t even give her the putrid garbage air. Nothing. It has nothing much, the institution reported around the synopsis of the staging.

This work is about something vital, something very important. It refers to people who have nothing… something that seems difficult to express; it seems impossible, but yes, it is people who have nothing; it is abandoned people, who live in the dump, and all their activities are there, they have no communication with the outside, are full of needs and the day they asked for help, no one offered them a hand. No one. They were simply ignored. All this was sad and tragic for me, and that’s what I wanted to put on the stage, said Jaime Hernández, editor of the show.

Unica finds in his bones the strength to start a fight from which he hopes to get well rid. That is when the forces of tragedy come and we will witness the impressive spirit of our little compatriot as she prepares to lift up what is left of her battered voice and worn body, the director said.

This is a very serious staging; it’s based on the most widely read novel in Costa Rica; known because people have read it or at least know what it’s about, so it’s going to generate some curiosity. When you talk on stage like we do, it’s always very interesting for the viewers; besides, this is a very moving story, because the characters are easy to understand on stage, this allows us to be moved about the way they lived all those years, added Hernández.

Unica Mirando al Mar is opening on Thursday, November 14, at 8 p.m. At the Teatro La Aduana Alberto Cañas Escalante. And will be on display until December 15, from Thursday to Saturday, at 8 p.m.; Sundays at 5 p.m. General admission, 6,000 colones; elderly, students and citizens of gold, 3,000 colones. Reservations at tel.: 22578305.

Staging. Jaime Hernández, director of the work, said he has been working for a year on the editing of this adaptation, made by the writer of the work, Fernando Contreras. Precisely, Contreras has participated in reading sessions with the production team, which has allowed them to know the way in which the author sees the work in the theatre. The adaptation of Contreras proposes a modern, contemporary and ambitious language; it is one of Jaime Hernández studied at the University of Costa Rica and the University of Kansas where he obtained a master’s degree in theatrical direction.

He has directed for the Compañía Nacional de Teatro texts from Valle Inclán, Alberto Cañas, Shakespeare, among others. He has also served as general and artistic director of the CNT on two occasions. In his long career, he has been awarded the National Theatre Award five times as Best Director. He has also worked for the National Theatre of Costa Rica, the Angel Theatre, the University Theatre and independent groups. Adaptation that seeks to be the essence of =Única’. From that text we started working with the actors, the director said.

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