“Única mirando al mar” returns to La Aduana Theater

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The theatrical version of Fernando Contreras Castro’s novel, “Única mirando al mar”, will return to the stage of the Alberto Cañas Customs Theater, after its success in 2019.

In 2020, this show of the National Theater Company (CNT) will be on the billboard in eight functions, from Thursday, February 13 and until Sunday 23, from Thursday to Saturday, at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 5 p.m., at the Teatro La Aduana.

According to the CNT, “in this tragedy, the protagonist has no other way out than to face her destiny and fight the system that has abandoned her.”

For his part, Jaime Hernández, director of the assembly said: “Única finds in her bones the strength to start a fight that she hopes to get rid of well. That’s when the forces of tragedy ensue and we will witness the impressive spirit of our little compatriot, as she sets out to raise what remains of his battered voice and worn body.”

“This play is about something vital, something very important. It refers to people who have nothing … something that seems difficult to express; It seems impossible, but yes, it is people who have nothing; It is abandoned people, who live in the dump, and all their activities are there, they have no communication with the outside, they are full of needs and the day they asked for help, nobody offered them a hand. No one. They were simply ignored. All this was sad and tragic for me, and that is what I wanted to put on stage”, said the director of the assembly.

The cast of “Única mirando al mar” is composed of Grettel Cedeño, as Única; Erick Córdoba, as Mondolfo; Arturo Campos, as Bacán; Winston Washington, as Carmuco Bear; Carlos Rodríguez, as Sisyphus; Marián Li, Ana Paula Rivera and Gabriel Araya also complement the cast.

Tickets for “Única mirando al mar” can be purchased on the website Tickets have a cost of ¢ 7,500 colones; Gold students and citizens with a card, ¢ 4,000 colones.

Source: Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, 2020

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