UN uses Costa Rican medical system as a Medical Emergency plan for evacuations of officials

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Within the framework of the Covid-19 pandemic, the United Nations system has prepared a Medical Evacuation Plan (MEDEVAC for its acronym in English) that guarantees the evacuation of officials of the organization to countries where the risk and management of the health crisis has demonstrated an excellent reaction to the pandemic. This is the case of Costa Rica that has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the places in Latin America and the Caribbean with the necessary health infrastructure to attend to any case of humanitarian evacuation within the context of Covid-19. It should be noted that within this plan, all transportation, hospitalization and treatment expenses are borne in their entirety by the United Nations.

This sanitary evacuation plan has been established by the country team of the United Nations system in Costa Rica with the network of private hospitals present in our territory.

The solidity of the national health system, both publicly and privately, is recognized by the international community and in particular by the United Nations, and proof of this is the designation of Costa Rica as one of the destinations for the evacuation plan. sanitary.

This is the case of a single senior United Nations official who has been transferred to a private hospital in our capital as a humanitarian response to the express request of the United Nations, Costa Rica’s strategic partner in the multilateral arena, and who covers all the expenses that this implies, as already indicated.

The Government of Costa Rica has made enormous efforts to alleviate the health effects of the Covid-19 pandemic with internationally recognized results. This has been achieved thanks to the seriousness and discipline of our health authorities and of all the inhabitants.

That has been our commitment since the start of the pandemic and in no way will anything be done that would jeopardize health security within the national territory.

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