Typical food contest, offers prizes of up to 1.5 Million Colones. Registrations until September 15

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People with more than 10 years of residing in the Zona de los Santos may participate.

“It is not a recipe contest, but rather a recognition of the heritage kitchens of the national territory; where we find a series of family knowledge, as well as local identities and memories ”, this is how the anthropologist Paola Salazar defines the Los Santos 2020 Traditional Food contest, which opens until September 15.

This is the tenth traditional food and drink contest held by the Center for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and Youth. Since the first edition in 2001, when it was held in Guanacaste, it has covered other provinces and regions such as: Cartago, Puntarenas, Heredia, the area of ​​Escazú, Santa Ana and Mora; Alajuela, Limón, Zona Norte, Zona Sur and, the last one, carried out in the canton of Quepos in 2018.

“The Los Santos 2020 Traditional Food Competition is an opportunity to exchange, safeguard and enhance the knowledge and knowledge that has been part of the food tradition that characterizes the cantons of Dota, León Cortés and Tarrazú,” said Paola. Salazar, head of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Unit of the Heritage Center and coordinator of the event.

Each event has as its final product the publication of a recipe book where all the participating recipes are compiled and which constitutes an important registry of Costa Rican food heritage.

Participants will compete in four categories

The contest has four categories: Main dishes, Side dishes (food that accompanies the main course, such as salads, soups and picadillos, for example), Breads and desserts and traditional drinks. There will be three winners per category, therefore, the eight million colones in prizes will be distributed among the twelve winners as follows: Main courses: For the first place ¢ 1.5 million colones, second place ¢ 900 thousand colones and for the third place ¢ 600 thousand colones.

Accompaniments: For the first place ¢ 1 million colones, second place ¢ 700 thousand colones and for third place ¢ 300 thousand colones.

Breads and desserts: For the first place ¢ 1 million colones, second place ¢ 700 thousand colones and for third place ¢ 300 thousand colones.

Traditional drinks: For the first place ¢ 500 thousand colones, for the second place ¢ 300 thousand colones and for the third place ¢ 200 thousand colones.

In total there will be ¢ 8 million, among 12 winners. The idea is that this money is distributed among several people, recognizing their knowledge in traditional cuisine. Prizes will be deposited into a bank account in the name of the winner.

The jury will be made up of representatives from the three cantons, all of whom are familiar with traditional Costa Rican cuisine. The result will be known on October 25 through the social networks of the Cultural Heritage Center, as well as the mass media, given the health situation.

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