Tropical Storm Nate in Costa Rica[:]

Today Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras woke up brushed and wet. Tropical storm Nate made considerable damage to the infrastructure of these countries. During September unusual amounts of rains felt saturating the soils, making them unable to absorb more water.  The 4th of October tropical storm Nate formed in front of the cost line of Costa Rica delivering almost 36 hours of constant precipitations.

The presidency of Costa Rica and the Emergency Committee declared a red alert for 70% of the country and yellow alert for the other 30%. Several landslides have destroy properties and blocked roads. Some communities are impossible to access by road. And in rural areas such as Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Rey Curré, Aserrí and Monteverde, rivers have exceed their normal caudal and flooded complete neighborhoods.

Thousands of people were forced to abandon their houses and slept in shelters. 22 people have died in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. And Nate heads north gaining force. Many houses had been compromised and left uninhabitable.

Here in Paradise Products Costa Rica we really love this country and felt dearly the damage occurred during this days of intense precipitations. We extend our condolences to the families whom lose a member during these days in our country and in both Nicaragua and Honduras. We praised and thank those brave men and women of the emergency services, firemen, policemen, red cross and the cantonal committees of emergency. Whom fought bravely against the winds and rain of Nate, Saving, helping and assisting our fellow Costa Ricans. It is now time to examine, rebuild and help our roads and houses. Please if you can consider to donate some food and or money to the red cross and official organizations.


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