Travelling exhibition : The fourth voyage of Colon. From the asian dream to the american reality

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This exhibition, organised by Spain’s Directorate General for Books, Archives and Libraries, focuses on Christopher Columbus’ Fourth Voyage through Central America and features reproductions of important documents.

These include the Treaty of Tordesillas, signed between the Catholic Monarchs and King John II of Portugal, a letter from Columbus to Queen Isabella the Catholic expressing his fear of losing the Indies and the book recording Columbus’ privileges granted by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 and 1493, as well as records of the ships and people who accompanied Columbus on this expedition.

Other documents record the clashes between jurisdictions and the various capitulations that took place, including: the change of governorship of Honduras and Higueras to that of Chiapas, the conquest and settlement of Veragua and the conquest and government of Cartago.

Of great interest are the personal documents of Christopher Columbus, including his will, his account to the King and Queen of Spain of the events of his voyage, a letter sent to his son Diego and the reproduction of the coat of arms granted to him by the Catholic Monarchs in 1493.

On display are drawings of Seville, the city from which Columbus prepared his fourth voyage, and of the port of Cadiz, from where the expedition departed, navigation charts and a large quantity of cartographic material, including plans of the city of Santo Domingo, the coast of Veragua, the town of Portovelo, and the port of Santa Ana in Jamaica. Of particular note is a pen-drawn plan showing the Matina River and its mouth at Moín and Pacuare, and a plan of the relief and geographical situation of Talamanca.

Finally, the maps and royal decrees show the advances in geographical knowledge of the lands discovered, the establishment of governorships and fortresses, the new exploration routes from Nicaragua and Honduras, the expansion of the Pacific and the inter-oceanic route.

SIZE: 26 posters placed on cardboard, 1 mt. by 1.50 mt. They have perforations that allow them to be hung with nylon thread.

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