Travelling exhibition : The Central American Independence Process

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It illustrates the external and internal causes of the process of Central American Independence, the arrival of the news in Costa Rica and the social, economic and political changes that were generated from the declaration of Independence.

It reproduces the most emblematic documents preserved in the National Archive about this process, among which the following stand out:

The Act of Independence of 15 September 1821, the Act signed by the Cabildo of Cartago on 29 October 1821 and the Interim Fundamental Social Pact of Costa Rica, known as the Pact of Concord and considered the First Constitution of Costa Rica.

It also explores the first years of independent life and the most significant changes, including the designation of San José as the new capital of Costa Rica, the birth and failure of the Central American Federal Republic and the formation of the new nations.

Finally, it compiles facets of the daily life of Costa Ricans in the mid-19th century, as well as a portrait of the 1856 heroic deed.

SIZE: 12 double metal structures. Each one measures 1.40 m wide by 2.10 m high.

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