Travelling exhibition : Juan Rafael Mora: The Man and the Ruler

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The exhibition was mounted in 2014 as part of the celebration of the bicentenary of Juan Rafael Mora Porras. It is divided into five main thematic areas: personal life, political career, activities during his administration, Juan Rafael Mora and the war 1856-1857 and the figure of Juan Rafael Mora Porras. The idea was to create a montage that presents him beyond his facet as a ruler and transcends his life as a family man, businessman and politician from a very early age.

It includes the reproduction of documents such as letters, reports to Congress, photographs and dossiers on specific issues, as well as reproductions of paintings. A virtual exhibition on the same subject is also available on the National Archive’s website.


  • 1 PVC title banner (1 metre high by 2 metres wide)
  • 5 canvas banners (1 metre high by 2 metres wide, for each of the central themes)
  • 20 PVC documentary reproductions (4 for each of the core themes, 14 inches high by 11 inches wide)
  • 1 portrait of Juan Rafael Mora, PVC (80 cm high by 60 cm wide)

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