Travelling exhibition : From Vassals to Citizens. Bicentenary of the Constitution of Cadiz

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The montage will allow the public to take a tour of the context in which the Constitution of 1812 came into being, including the ideas of the Enlightenment and the fact that Spain was invaded by the French. It also explains to the public the process by which 296 deputies from Spain and America issued the constitutional text which, among other aspects, was innovative in terms of national sovereignty and the division of powers.

In relation to the figure of Florencio Castillo, deputy for Costa Rica and Nicoya in the Cortes, an overview of his life is given, with emphasis on his participation as a constituent. From his post he worked arduously in defence of the indigenous people, as well as promoting the creation of the Provincial Council of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and the opening of the port of Matina.

The exhibition includes reproductions of the most relevant documents related to the theme, such as correspondence of the deputy Florencio Castillo, images of Costa Rica at the time (taken from the Álbum de Figueroa), decrees issued by the Cortes de Cádiz, fragments of a copy of the Constitution (from 1820) and historical photographs.

SIZE: 18 canvas banners, to hang, with tube at the top and bottom, 1.20 m wide by 1.80 m high.


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