Traveling exhibit tells the history of electricity and telecommunications in Costa Rica

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Under the name “Grupo ICE bastion of the Costa Rica of the Bicentennial”, the project will reach 68 communities in 65 cantons in the seven provinces.

  • With audiovisual products, informative panels and objects, the exhibition details the evolution and impact of electricity and telecommunications on the country’s development.
  • The first stop of the rolling bus will be in Bribri, Talamanca, on Tuesday, June 8.

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Costa Rica’s Independence, on Monday, June 7, the first traveling exhibition “Grupo ICE, bastion of Costa Rica’s Bicentennial” was inaugurated.

The initiative will travel through 68 communities in 65 cantons in the seven provinces in a bus outfitted for the occasion, with the purpose of showing the contribution of the electricity and telecommunications services in the construction of our identity and national development.

The opening of the exhibition -at the facilities of ICE Group in Sabana Norte- was attended by Carlos Alvarado, President of the Republic, and Irene Cañas, Executive President of ICE, among other authorities.

Starting this Monday and for six months, visitors will be able to learn more about the evolution and impact of the services developed by the companies that make up Grupo ICE: Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz (CNFL) and Radiográfica Costarricense S.A. (RACSA).

President Alvarado insisted on celebrating the Bicentennial proud of the country we have built with visionary institutions such as ICE, whose contribution to economic, social and environmental development can be seen by Costa Ricans through this exhibition that will tour the country.

“ICE Group has played a decisive role in democratizing electricity and telecommunications and is key to decarbonization and closing the digital divide by bringing connectivity to the entire population,” said the President.

ICE’s Executive President, Irene Cañas, emphasized that “electricity and telecommunications have been essential in the construction of Costa Rica. These services have boosted welfare and competitiveness, so we want to bring the population closer to the knowledge of this heritage during the celebration of the Bicentennial”.

Bus tour. The exhibition will present the contents through audiovisuals and informative panels and will also show equipment and objects from the most representative collections of ICE Group’s Historical and Technological Museum.

The bus will be located near parks, municipalities, and other public spaces. The specific location at each site will be disclosed weekly on ICE Group’s social networks.

The first stop of the exhibition will be in Bribri, in front of the municipal building in Talamanca, where it will be open to the public this Tuesday, June 8.

During this month, it will also reach Limón, Matina, Siquirres, Guácimo and Pococí; then it will visit some cantons of Guanacaste and others in the Southern Zone of the country.

Admission is free and with controlled entry, in accordance with the protocols of the Ministry of Health due to the sanitary emergency. The maximum capacity inside the vehicle is five people per shift, with a maximum travel time of 15 minutes. It will be available from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the 68 communities it will visit.

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