Trauma Hospital already treats 10 Covid patients.

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The Trauma Hospital of the National Insurance Institute (INS), received this afternoon the first six patients diagnosed with covid-19, who were hospitalized in the covid-19 Specialized Patient Care Center (CEACO), of the Caja Costarricense Social Security (CCSS). For the afternoon, the admission of six more patients is contemplated.

Dr. Roberto Cervantes Barrantes, general manager of the CCSS, said that thanks to these transfers the capacity of the specialized center will increase.

“At a time when we are seeing an increase in the number of patients hospitalized in our health facilities, having the possibility of expanding the number of beds available for the care of covid-19 patients is essential. Precisely therein lies the importance of joint work between the CCSS and the INS, ”he said.

For his part, doctor Mario Ruiz Cubillo, medical manager of the CCSS, recalled that the previous week these institutions signed a cooperation agreement that will allow Costa Rican social security to have 48 beds from the Trauma Hospital for the care of the pandemic.

“Together with the INS we have carried out in the last days a series of trainings for the staff on care protocols, flows of general operations, placement and removal of personal protective equipment, both for health care personnel, as well as maintenance and toilet ”said the manager.

“In record time, the CCSS and the INS have organized to provide a response that avoids the saturation of health services, especially in intensive care units due to covid-19. This agreement is a source of great pride for the collaborators of the entire INS Group, because once again we place ourselves at the service of Costa Ricans, providing protection when we need it most, ”said INS Executive President, Róger Arias.

To provide this care, the INS has enabled not only an exclusive wing of the hospital, but a complete system of care, including all health protocols, with the aim of guaranteeing the safety and protection of all its patients and health personnel.

Every time a patient is received from CEACO, the Trauma Hospital will activate the so-called Code 19, which means that:

  • The transfer of a patient by ambulance from the CCSS begins and he is soon to arrive or leave the Trauma Hospital.
  • The team in charge must activate all protocols and the rest of the staff must be vigilant.
  • When this code is activated, no one should travel on the transfer route.
  • The elevator intended for these patients should not be used.

What will be the route?

  • The ambulance will be located at the entrance located on the ground floor of the Hospital del Trauma.
  • The team will transfer the patient through the exclusive stretcher lift to the 4th floor.
  • You will be placed in the corresponding bed in the south wing of the 4th floor.
  • Both the elevator and the hospital entrance route will be identified with white with red lettering.

When is the code deactivated?
Once the CCSS team that transferred the patient is removed, the deep cleaning of the areas is carried out and it will be announced by the loudspeakers: Code 19 deactivated.

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