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[:en]I am going to try to keep the bragging low this time. But what can I do? We ticos love to brag about our country and this weekend we have many good reasons to brag so pardon my if this gets to sassy.

For now eight consecutive years the art takes control over San Jose the capital city of Costa Rica during the Transitarte.

On regular days San Jose is a busy metropolis fill with people commuting, trains, cars, buses, smog on some strange smells. But San Jose also have artists pouring from every corner. People playing music in the streets, dancing in the parks and executing theater in its more than 200 theaters.

And so it is that for almost a decade the Municipality of San Jose provides artists, restaurants, and entrepreneurs with a complete weekend to sell and perform. An activity that gives the general public a chance to enjoy the extensive and very high quality cultural activities San Jose has to offer.

Paseo de Damas, San Jose, Costa Rica

This year Transitarte’s began of Friday 17th. Very early in the morning the craftsmen and entrepreneurs received their places in the fair and proceed to accommodate their goods. Casual walkers went by trying to have a sneak peak of what the weekend will deliver. The main stage was ready on Thursday afternoon and on Friday the big mixer arrived connections were made and around 4:00 pm the opening act was on stage doing sound check.

The locations.

For the Transitarte there are four main locations separated by less than a kilometer. The main stage and the market are located in the Parque Nacional. Where the monument for the soldiers of the battle of 1856 is located. Heading West by the Paseo de los Damas, less than 500meters from the Parque Nacional is a second place a much smaller park named Parque España. This year Paraque España was the place where the libraries and the authors show their books and works. Also a Stage was deployed that host Storytellers, music, Stand-up comedy and theater.

Jardín de Paz, San José Costa Rica

Besides Parque España is another beautiful park right in front the Escuela Metallica. The Jardin the Paz this time was the Gastronomic stop with an enormous variety in tastes and menus. And finally and next to the Jardin the Paz is Parque Morazan. Where another stage was deployed to host a number of concerts, live performances and more.

Malpaís Friday 7:00 pm.

Malpaís in concert. Parque Nacional 2017

The beloved band Malpaís is a national treasure for us ticos. The outstandingly beautiful musical arrangements of the late Fidel Gamboa and the poetry in the lyrics of his brother and bass player Jaime Gamboa in addition to the mastery in the piano of Manuel Obregon, the violin, vocals and mandolin of Ivan Rodriguez. The crazy measures and tempo of Tapao Vargas and Gilberto Jarquin in the percussion, the precise guitar of David Coto and the beautiful voice and presence of Daniela Rodriguez.  Kept more than 2000 souls chanting their songs one after another from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.

Saturday 18th

Concerts began at 10:00 am with a rainbow of activities deployed to make the delights the visitors. People start to wondering around from place to place while the entrepreneurs started to finish the details for what was going to be almost 12 hours of relentlessness sales pitches and sales. The security was always present both municipal police and state police walked up and down the venues. Concerts in both places Parque Morazan and Parque Nacional started on schedule and people happily sat under a gentle sun to hear and watch the performers.

People with schedules in hand started to emerged from the info kioskos and soon many people started to walk into the Escuela Metalica to see choreography and theater. Some people were planning what to do until the event the swear can not miss.

Workshops in Parque España, San Jose, Costa Rica

There is just so much to do so many things to see and hear.  There were more than 185 activities, not counting several workshops. And so the afternoon continue wit thousands of people enjoyed the activities and by the time the night started metal entered the stage in Parque Nacional with Dreams of Fire. Follow by Vodoo and Cocofunka. To close the day with music and high energy. Meanwhile in Parque Morazan Amarillo Cian y Magenta close the event with Urban Costarican Jazz

Sunday 19th

On Sunday the last day of activities. The entrepreneurs and craftsmen seamed happy and ready to start selling again. Thousands of people crowded the streets very early. Many had come on Saturday and wanted to take a look at something they had miss the day before. Others were new and were trying to decided what to do and where to go.

Among the activities that capture the curiosity of the people was boxing ring next to the National Library. That hosted several different championship leagues of amateur boxing. The people not very used to boxing were cheering both corners all the time. Celebrating every punch and cheering the one been punch.

Amateur Box Championship, San Jose, Costa Rica

Where ever you looked you will see kids and adults playing, listening or making.  Transitarte was undoubtedly a gift to the scenes. People learned how to make puppets from a professional puppeteer. Workshops of aerial dancing grap the attention and  jaws of many and both kids and adults were captivated by the traditional games and by Producciones Imagina.

Logic and ability games. Parque Morazan, San José Costa Rica

The day went by peacefully and joyfully. The events were closed by the Costa Rica Symphony Orchestra with its repertoire of “Verano Sinfónico.” That includes songs from tico composers and bands and also some classical pieces. Sadly due to previous appointments we could not be there to documented.

But here is a good size photo gallery of the events for you.


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