Tourists are discouraged from trying to replicate Zac Efron’s handling of Down to Earth monkeys

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SINAC removes and warns of dangers for tourists and visitors who try to manage wildlife, especially monkeys, as seen in the documentary Down to Earth the Netflix with Zac Efron.

Mario Coto, technical director of the Executive Secretariat of the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) thanked Zac Efron for his visit; but he pointed out inappropriate practices in the documentary.

“It does not reflect the reality of what the current regulations in our country establish or how our institution has been trying to provide technical support to sites that have wanted to carry out this type of activity, for which we hope that there will also be an opportunity to to be able to indicate to the program that in this sense it is important that they consider the current regulations in the countries where they make documentary to promote ethical practices of wild fauna and support the national efforts of this sustainable tourism that we have clearly identified that the program also provides the opportunity to develop “

The Wildlife Conservation Law establishes, in article 3, the declaration of public domain of the country’s fauna; therefore, actions of direct contact with animals, their mascotization and hunting are prohibited.

The expert said that animals can be carriers of diseases or become infected with pathogens transmitted by people: it is necessary to keep a safe distance when observing them in their natural habitat and in shelters.

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