Tourism-issuing countries are studying returning to a total blockade of flights.

Europa suspende vuelos a América Latina
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Restrictions against the pandemic in Germany may add a new measure. Interior Minister Seehofer said they consider stopping international air travel. The authority added that border closures with regions where the new Covid-19 variables prevail are being considered.

The Netherlands has taken a similar decision regarding the flights of the Aerolina KLM that have been blocked for all of South America, starting in Panama and even Brazil, in response to the Brazilian strain of Covid19.

Costa Rica has for the moment been excluded from these vetoes, however, the Netherlands requests a negative rapid Covid test 4 hours before boarding the plane bound for the Netherlands. Which adds to Costa Rica in a veto of air flights due to logistical incapacity.

Covid tests as deterrents of Tourism.

In addition to the bans on air flights, health orders such as the need to have a negative test to return to their country of origin make potential tourists think twice before traveling abroad. Well, the uncertainties of possible contagion and the lack of information about where and how much it costs to get a Covid test in the country of destination add insecurities and risks that tourists prefer not to take.

The countries that are the largest emitters of tourists for Costa Rica, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico and the European Union, are in a strong second wave of infections exaserved by new, more contagious variants of Covid19.

Although the application of vaccines has already begun in these countries, effective immunization of the population is a slow and logistically complex process.

Meanwhile, the first quarter of 2021 does not seem to bring the much desired and needed tourism recovery to Costa Rica.


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