Tour and get to know the National Museum through its new web portal

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For these days when it is necessary to stay at home, the National Museum of Costa Rica proposes you to visit the exhibitions from the computer, know the collections it has, read articles or watch videos about archaeological, historical and nature research carried out by the institution. , all this and more just by entering the address

What exhibits can you tour?

Through 360 ° photographs, they can visit the three main permanent exhibitions of the Museum.

Pre-Columbian History: This exhibition chronologically tells the history of Costa Rica, before the arrival of the Spanish. In the virtual tour, the funerary patterns used by the ancient settlers stand out, as well as ceramics and power marker objects.

“History of Costa Rica, XVI-XXI centuries”: This room takes a tour of the main historical, economic and political events in Costa Rica from the XVI century to the present day.

The virtual tour of this exhibition is divided into three periods: Contact and conquest, colonial times and recent history.

Butterfly Garden: It is an overview of this garden, which will soon function as a butterfly garden.

The photos are accessible from the page of each exhibition. In the “exhibitions” section, you will find the permanent exhibitions and in them a button that says “Visit the Virtual Room”.

In addition, through photographs, the page shows you the other exhibitions that the Museum has at this time, including “Dialogue” by Ingrid Rudelman, “We are neighbors, Wild fauna in the city” and the beautiful Houses of the Commanders.

What else can you find on the new website?

Those who visit the web will find not only the information they need to visit the Museum and attend the activities offered by the institution, but also information on the management of collections and research in the fields of archeology, history and natural history, which are the essence of the Museum.

“The new portal allows you to get to know the Museum in a virtual way, from anywhere in the world and at any time, discover and enjoy the valuable heritage that we Costa Ricans have through hundreds of photographs, more than 30 videos and a lot of related information that they show the diversity of collections that it protects, the exhibitions and the management in conservation of the archaeological sites and the natural heritage of the country; as well as the work in the prevention of illegal possession and illicit trafficking of pre-Columbian objects. ” Maribell Mendieta, communicator of the Museum and responsible for the design and content of the portal, detailed.

What to find in the different sections?

The collections section shows a gallery of images and videos of pre-Columbian objects and outstanding natural specimens from the 26 types of collections that the Museum preserves.

Natural History allows the online consultation of almost 4 million records of the collections databases, integrated in the same system; as well as an ecosystems section where all the knowledge generated by the Museum is widely distributed, with a large amount of images and data.

The history of the Bellavista Barracks, a museum building since 1948, is broadly developed and shows historical photographs, some published for the first time. You can also enjoy a gallery of the architectural details that are preserved of the Barracks, with photographs and videos recorded with drone, which allow you to visually enjoy the building, declared Architectural Historic Heritage of Costa Rica.

The portal includes a section of educational articles for the public, with themes of biodiversity, archeology, history, conservation and restoration. And as a benefit for teachers, from the portal they can request their visit to the Museum and download teaching materials that they can use in class, before or after the visit.

The Museum’s new portal is responsive, so it adapts to the screens of mobile devices such as phones and tablets and has a tool that allows content to be translated into six languages. In a second stage, it is expected to offer new services online, which will further facilitate the planning of the visit to the Museum, Mendieta concluded.


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