Torre Este del Calderon Guardia opens with 64 beds for Covid19 patients

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  • 37 beds are enabled on the fourth floor and 27 on the fifth floor.
  • The medical center carried out the logistics for the operation of said space with personnel, supplies and equipment.
  • Hospital will have 145 beds for moderate care and 104 beds for intensive care.

As of today, the Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia hospital has 64 more beds for the care of moderate patients with covid-19, this as part of the implementation of the local care plan for these patients.

Dr. Taciano Lemos Pires reported that in the East Tower 37 and 27 beds were enabled on the fourth and fifth floors respectively, which are added to the 81 covid-19 located in the North Tower (51) and the South Tower (30) from the hospital, for a total of 145 moderate-care beds. In addition, this center has a total of 104 intensive care beds, 75 in Torre Este and 29 in Torre Sur.

Lemos Pires, assured that these services have the provision of supplies and equipment and the necessary personnel for care. Personnel were hired: medical, nursing, cleaning, clothing, surveillance, pharmacy, radiology, nutrition, respiratory therapy, among others.

For his part, Dr. Pedro Pereiras Álvarez indicated that this type of authorization represents a great logistical work that includes practically the entire hospital. “Technical, administrative, professional support staff, come together to launch such important care projects that serve the population of the entire country in the case of covid-19,” said the doctor.

Pereiras Álvarez concluded that the hospital is very committed to this issue, daily work meetings are generated between the headquarters of the hospital to organize the care processes for the pandemic and in turn continue with the care of other issues that cannot be suspended, among they, emergency care, outpatient consultation, delivery of medications, some elective procedures, among other services.

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