Today begins the vaccination campaign against influenza.

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The Health Minister, Dr. Daniel Salas Peraza, and the Executive President of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, summoned families to the 2020 influenza vaccination day that they will have, due to the special condition imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. , a logistics of application different from previous years, in order to avoid conglomerates in vaccines.

The call for mobilization to be vaccinated was made at a press conference, a space where the leaders expressed the importance of achieving the two proposed goals of the coming weeks: broad coverage of influenza vaccination and maintaining the security measures of the pandemic.

The health minister called it “the safe and permitted exit” when referring to the recommendation to go vaccinated and emphasized the fact of making the trip following all the necessary protective measures to avoid contagion by COVID-19.

Dr. Salas pointed out the importance of people with chronic or fragile health getting vaccinated to avoid complications that could lead to hospitalization and even intensive care if they were sick with influenza, which would put even more pressure on the services’ attention capacity. of health in times of pandemic.

The executive president of the CCSS confirmed that the Institution is carrying out the delivery of the medicine throughout the country so that vaccination begins on Monday, May 4.

Dr. Macaya stressed the importance of the vaccine traveling to communities, keeping them within a cold chain between two and eight degrees, a condition that is maintained from production in the laboratory until arrival in the most remote areas of the country, such as It can be high Talamanca, Golfito or Los Chiles.

The hierarch confirmed that the doses for children from six months to three years have not reached the country, due to international problems in shipping materials; However, it confirmed that the Fund will send parents, caretakers, a text message to the EDUS registered telephones to notify them directly.

Thus, the call will be to summon the rest of the population at risk, which makes up the group of 1,100 doses for risk groups of three years and older.

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