Sko Kabata hike trough Protected Indigenous Area

This tour is: Share. (Other People Might Join)

Restrictions: Suitable for all audiences

The Tour Starts with: 3 People

Waiver Requiere: No

Price per Person: $40

About the Tour

About the Tour

A 3 hours guide hiking through the protected indigenous reservations in Suretka Talamanca. Discovering the different ecosystems, flora and fauna of the region. Guide by a local learning exploring immerse into a unique rural and community tourism experience.


Please be respectful of all the guides, and follow their recommendations at all time. Talamanca and the Bribri areas are places where, religion, culture and life are one and the same. We ask of the participants respect for the believes, traditions and culture the people of the area.

Includes :

  • A 3 hours walking tour visiting exploring flora, fauna and ecosystems in the Siwakabata Agroecological farm.
  • Snacks and refreshments.
  • Local guide and explanations.

What are we going to do?

Exploring and discovering the Wild region of Talamanca.

How to get there

Restrictions and Prevention.

The activity requires a low to middle impact hike. Duration is estimated around 3 hours. Rain may cause the soil to be slippery.

If for any reason you can not afford to do the hiking or Middle level impact walking might be to hard for you this tour might not be for you.

Useful to Carry

Meeting Point

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