Noche Caribe


Album: Noche Caribe
Band: Cuarteto de Guitarras de Costa Rica
Genres: Instrumental
Year: 2017
Duration: 48:14
Format: CD

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1 Danza Al Viento 6:01
2 Abril 3:59
3 A Cuatro 4:50
4 Noche Caribe 4:56
5 Hablame 4:48
6 Cumba-Quin 4:57
7 Suite en Mib Menor, Pt. 1 2:09
8 Suite en Mib Menor, Pt. 2 1:56
9 Suite en Mib Menor, Pt. 3 3:38
10 Ella Lleva el Sol en Su Mirada 4:15
11 Ausencia 3:16
Noche Caribe (Radio Edit) 3:29


El Cuarteto de Guitarras de Costa Rica was born in 2008. Aiming to procure a serious and innovating work in the fields of Chamber Music. With the goal of promote the creation and propagation of the Costa Rican music.  Their repertoire includes original pieces for and arrangements of popular songs.

El Cuarteto de Guitarras de Costa Rica are Nicolas Alvarado, Manuel Duran, Julio Monge and Edmundo Núñez. Graduetes of the Universidad de Costa Rica.


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