En el Umbral


Album: En el Umbral
Band: Fuerza Dread
Genres: Roots/JazzFussion/Latino
Duration: 35m
Format: Downloadable only


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2. Nómadas (Ft. Henry Llavina)
3. Un Lugar
4. Fluye (Ft. Maxi Vargas)
5. Sin Descansar
6. En el Umbral (Ft. Miguel Gallardo)
7. Tu Sombra (Ft. Edwin Jimenez)
8. El Grito
9. El Brillo de tus Ojos











Fuerza Dread [Dreadlock]is a Costa Rican Roots/Jazz Fussion band born in Puntarenas, Costa Rica in 2006. Their songs are charge with positive messages. Talking about love, hope, union and careful observance and respect for the latin american roots.

In this album

Session Musicians:

Voice: Jose Blanco
Voice and chorus: Sharow Granera
Chorus: Ana María Aguilar
Bass: Brian Torres
Drums and Percussion: Jose Rafael “Felo” Jara
Percussion: Juan José Carazo
Electric and Acoustic guitars: Vernny Arguello
Pianos and organs: Pedro León
Trombone: Marco Vargas
Sax: Jose Marcelo Rodriguez
Trumpet: Jose Manuel “Coco” Loría

Guest Musicians:

Maxi Vargas: Voice in “Fluye”
Henry Llavina: Voice in “Nómadas”
Edwin Jimenez: Voice in “Tu Sombra”
Miguel Gallardo: Rhodes and Pianos in “En el Umbral” y “Sin Descansar”
Isaac Morera: Batá and Percusion in “El Grito”
Manuel Davila: FXs in “Nómadas” and  “Sin Descansar”


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