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Our Costa Rican Contemporary Cuisine Tour in San Jose “Barrio Escalante”, will be an innovative experience of Costa Rican modern cuisine, where the chefs use their creativity to transform traditional recipes into contemporary culinary creations. Each dish is prepared with fresh products that are all sourced from ingredients grown within the country. Our Tico chefs or managers will explain to you the concept of each local dish, and which traditional recipe they used as inspiration to create their own signature dish. Their challenge is to preserve the local gastronomy but to apply modern cooking techniques to take each recipe to a higher level!

Tour Description

At all restaurants, coffee shops and cocktail rooms, you will be welcomed by the chef, manager or owner (or meet them at the end) as they explain to you what goes into preparing the signature dishes and drinks hand-crafted by each proprietor. Guide will translate when necessary. The restaurants for this tour were chosen due to their farm-to-table concept and innovation with traditional Costa Rican cuisine. You will consume mostly fresh, locally sourced organic greens and vegetables during the tour.  The tour has several alcoholic drinks, so please advise if you will be drinking natural juice or non-alcoholic drinks instead.

This is a walking tour. Walking time between restaurants take less than 10 min.

Tour last 4,5 hours approx.

If you have food allergies please let us know in advance to make adjustments.


The tour has two schedules: for lunch starting at 12:00 and for dinner starting at 16:00

We will make 4 stops while we walk through Escalante neighborhood.

For 12:00 Tour:

  • First stop: 2  starters, a drink and a digestive.
  • Second stop: 2 appetizers + 2 main dish + an artisan beer/wine or soft drink + dessert.
  • Third stop: Coffee workshop + 3 coffee tastings + digestive + an appetizer.
  • Fourth stop: Mixology workshop by mixologist (World Class Mixologists) + 1 cocktail made with local liqueur + boca (small local tapa)

For 16:00 tour:

  • First stop: Coffee workshop + 3 coffee tastings (includes coffee cocktail) + appetizer
  • Second stop: 2 starters + a natural drink + digestive.
  • Third stop: 2 appetizers + 2 main dish + a beer/wine or soft drink + dessert.
  • Fourth stop: 1 cocktail prepared with local liqueur + a workshop by a mixologist (World Class Mixologists) + boca (local tapa)

Digestives are small sweet cocktails, it has liqueur.

What is included?

  • 1 hour coffee workshop – Costa Rican specialty coffee
  • Mixology workshop
  • 6-course tasting menu
  • 7 drinks
  • English-speaking guide
  • Visit to 4 restaurants

What to bring?

  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Umbrella, if you see it is cloudy or during the raining season.
  • Sunscreen

Restricciones y Prevención.

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