Antes de la Lluvia [Peregrino Gris]

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Album: Antes de la Lluvia
Band: Peregrino Gris
Genres: Celtic/Folk/Instrumental
Duration: 49m
Format: Downloadable only

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3.La Luz parte II
6.Los Musicantes
7.Antes de la Lluvia
9.Juego de Niños
10.El Tercer Dragón
11.El Gaitero de Rosslyn


Antes de la Lluvia [Before The Rain] is the third production of the band Peregrino Gris. Lunched in Galicia Spain in July 2013. During the band’s tour in Europe. The album was record mainly in Iona Studio.

The album was compose by Eduardo Oviedo, Rodrigo Oviedo and Randall Nájera

Production and arrangements by Peregrino Gris.

Recording: Rodrigo Oviedo, assisted by Eduardo Oviedo.

Mezcla and Mastering: Rodrigo Oviedo, Visual Music Studios.

Executive Production: Rodrigo and Eduardo Oviedo.

Graphic Design and Concept: Rodrigo Oviedo.


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