1 day tour La Capilla en las Nubes de Olan + Hikes

This tour is: Share. (Other People Might Join)

Restrictions: Suitable for all audiences

The Tour Starts with: 1 People

Waiver Requiere: No

About the Tour

Tour Description

The tour includes:

  • Entrance to the Chapel in the Clouds.
  • Authorized guide service.
  • Full guided tour of the Chapel in the Clouds facilities.
  • Hikes to Las Piletas Waterfall, The Giant Trees of Olan, La Sabana Waterfall.
  • Long 1 day hike through the hills of the area.
  • Meals Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Stay

What will we do?

We will visit the Chapel of the Clouds in OIan, Puntarenas over the mountains of the Cordillera de Talamanca. The tour starts at ___ in the morning, we will have breakfast to get our strength back and start the hike.

The tour includes a ___ minute hike of your choice to any of these 3 magical destinations. You can choose the hike upon arrival and consult with the guides.

  • Las Piletas Waterfalls
  • Giant Trees
  • La Sabana Waterfall

After the hike we will return to the Chapel in the Clouds where we will have our delicious Costa Rican picnic lunch cooked over a wood fire. The afternoon is free for a tour around the chapel and enjoy our beautiful facilities.

About Olan Chapel in the Clouds

The chapel is a unique accommodation in the world. With space for up to 29 people,


  1. We will hike through forests, rivers, mountains and trails. 6The walk is of moderate impact, there is no rush to get there, people of all ages and fitness levels have done it. However, it is recommended that people with severe heart problems or recent major surgeries refrain from the walk.
  2. The chapel can only be reached by four wheel drive vehicles (4×4). If the client does not have these vehicles, they can request to be picked up at Buenos Aires de Puntarenas.
  3. We have a secure car park in Buenos Aires where personal or private vehicles can be left. The park costs $8.5 per day.
  4. Pets are discouraged.

Restrictions and Prevention.

no hay limitantes

Useful to Carry

Swim Suite, Comfortable Cloths, Hiking Shoes, Jacket/Sweater/Coat, Flashlight, Lighter, Knife, Rope, Compass, GPS, Camera, Water/Hydration, Walking cane

Meeting Point

Contact the Tour Operator

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