This Week begins food distribution in Talamanca and surroundings

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Solís reported that in a mission to indigenous areas called “Talamanca Caribe” and “Talamanca Chirripó”, about a thousand food rations will be distributed next week, as well as cleaning and personal hygiene kits.

Entre las familias beneficiadas de “Talamanca Caribe” destacan pobladores de Bley, Piedra Mesa, Alto Piedra Mesa, Monteverde/Naranjal, Beibata, Botubata, Tortuga y Arcoiris.

En el caso de “Talamanca Chirripó”, se ingresará por el sector de Turrialba para atender a todas aquellas familias que viven en Alto Chirripó, en comunidades such as Karku China kicha, Shukëbachari, Jamo, Jakue, Tsimari, Bukeri, Alto admiral, Konobata, Bayeiñak, Duchari, Jarey, Manzanillo, Sinoli, Suëbata, Tkak-ri, Uka tipëy, Xiquiari, Koiyaba and Jara Kicha.

This effort also includes a team of 12 doctors from the C.C.S.S., who will be entering the area with medications and provide medical assistance.

Parallel to this, a CNE technician will place several communication radios in this indigenous area to have constant communication with this population.

This Thursday a delivery was made to 176 families who received daily food and basic cleaning products. The operation was carried out by land and by air thanks to the integration of several institutions, including the CNE, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), the Vice Ministry of the Presidency, the Air Surveillance Service, the National Commission of Indigenous Affairs (CONAI), the Indigenous Community Committees, the Red Cross and the Fire Department.

In total, 6,120 newspapers are scheduled to be distributed to the 24 indigenous territories.

Humanitarian assistance throughout the country is carried out with resources from the National Emergency Fund and with the contribution of citizens through donations made in the “With You We Can” Campaign.

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