The Walktrhough of Baby Jesus in Liberia

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This Monday 24 th of December. Following the tradition the people of Liberia Guanacaste will get together to walk baby Jesus between two churches. The traditions consists in the movement of an antique image of baby Jesus. Acrosss the city of Liberia. From the Hermit of Barrio Condega to the Church of the Agony.

The tradition unties children blowing whistles. Along with music from La Banda de Conciertos de Guanacaste. That will be playing old and

.According to Ronal Estrada, director of La Banda de Conciertos de Guanacaste: “It is very important for us to participate in La pasada del Niño. The band has been doing it for a hundred consecutive years. And the kids enjoy the tradition a lot beacuse they are presented with candies, chicha and among others.


..For us as musicians of the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud. It is extremely valuable to be part of this tradition. Perhaps regarding the excution of the music it is a simple participation. But nevertheless we help keeping this beautiful tradition alive. Because we want to preserve it and expand it. ”

With this walkthrough the band will finish its 2018 schedule.

The acitivity will be held this Monday 24th of December at 7:00pm. Starting the Hermita of Barrio la Condega in Liberia and heading towards La Agonia.

La tradicional “Pasada del Niño” se realizará el lunes 24 de diciembre, a las 7 p.m., saliendo de la Ermita del Barrio Condega, en Liberia, con rumbo al Templo de La Agonía.

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