The United States improves Costa Rica’s travel rating.

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The United States of America on Tuesday improved the recommendation for travel to Costa Rica from level 4 (do not travel) to level 3 (reconsider the trip due to Covid-19). The measure is effective immediately.

Gustavo J. Segura, Rector Minister of Tourism, applauded the adjustment in the travel notice published by the US Department of State.

“This is excellent news for the country given that the travel categories in times of pandemic acquire greater importance,” said Minister Segura. “The United States is the main source market for tourists to Costa Rica and this change is crucial 19 days after the entry by air to Costa Rica of all US citizens and residents – regardless of the state where they live and as long as they meet the entry requirements ”, added the hierarch.

Segura, accompanied by the Chancellor of the Republic, Rodolfo Solano, began negotiations with the United States Embassy in mid-September to have Costa Rica reclassified, taking into account the handling of the pandemic, the country’s health system, and the protocols that have been established for the operation of tourist activities on national soil.

In the list of the US State Department, most of the countries are in category 3 that Costa Rica now has, among them the Latin American and European nations. Only 16 countries have category 2 and only two countries have category 1.

Costa Rica enabled since September 1 the entry of citizens and residents of a predetermined group of States whose list has been expanding. As of November 1 there will be no differentiation.

It is estimated that the reopening to the entire US will generate 80 thousand jobs and US $ 1.5 billion in foreign currency by 2021, that is, 2.5 points of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to data projected by the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy calculated based on the Input-Output Matrix.

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