The United States donates 3 mobile field hospitals to the CCSS.

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The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) received three Mobile Medical Units (UMM) this morning from the United States Government.

Each UMM has five modules that can be used independently or interconnected. Thus, the donation includes a total of 15 modules that add up to a total usable area of 729 square meters. In addition, each one includes 40 stretchers, for a total of 120.

For Dr. Román Macaya Hayes, executive president of the CCSS, these mobile medical units will allow the institution to provide support to health facilities at a time when it is necessary to rapidly expand or reinforce its installed capacity for patient care with covid-19.

“This donation is of great importance for our service network, since, at this time, it will allow us to provide a quick and effective solution to the needs to expand the installed capacity of our health facilities and once this pandemic is over, it will allow us to reinforce the strategy to reduce waiting times that we have been developing since 2019 throughout the country and attend to emergencies and disasters, both natural and man-made, ”said the head of the Fund.

For her part, the United States Ambassador, Sharon Day, emphasized that the donation of this equipment is one more example of how much the United States values ​​its relationship with Costa Rica and how much it values ​​Costa Rica’s commitment to respond to the pandemic. “In times like the ones we live in, we can only overcome difficulties if we face them together as neighbors, communities and governments. We are with Costa Rica, shoulder to shoulder, in these unprecedented times. We hope that these mobile medical units provide medical attention to all who require it and reinforce the unbreakable alliance between our countries ”.

The new mobile medical units are quick and easy to assemble and are made of high-quality materials: aircraft grade aluminum, fire and mold resistant vinyls, and are capable of withstanding various climates and weather conditions, including rain, winds forts and tropical environments.

They also have an electric plant, lighting, independent air conditioning systems in each module, a water supply system from an external drinking source, an internal thermal insulation cover and portable sinks to facilitate the hygiene of the hands of officials, patients and companions.

The value of each UMM is 375 thousand dollars, for a grand total of one million one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars (USD 1,125,000), a donation made through the Humanitarian Assistance Program of the United States Southern Command.

These new Mobile Medical Units will be administered through the Center for Attention to Emergencies and Disasters (CAED) of the CCSS and initially two will be installed: one in the Mexico hospital and the other in San Juan de Dios. While the third will provide support to other health facilities when required.

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